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Moroccan Themed Sangeet … Here’s How To Do It

Themed sangeets and wedding receptions are so much fun and a great way to give yourself and your guests a day or night of sheer fantasy. If you would prefer keeping the ceremony a bit more traditional, having a themed reception or a cocktail party can be extremely interesting. What better way to infuse a little fantasy with one of the most exotic themes that is filled with lots of luxurious colours and a great ambience i.e. a Moroccan theme? It can look and feel opulent and very, very glamorous even if your budget isn’t quite that high.

If outdoors, you can start by looking into the possibility of a huge tent for the party. Having the event in a huge Bedouin like tent will set the tone before your guests even enter. Make sure the interiors reflect the colourful Moroccan and Middle Eastern flavours with rich colours like gold, reds, purples, oranges etc. Earthy and spicy or royal and rich are the colour combinations you should aim for. If you are having the reception in a hall, fret not. Using drapes in these delicious colour combinations will help you create the ambience you need. You can also drape heavy curtains or fabric in materials like velvet or brocade over your windows, for a tent like feel.

Look at pictures of Morocco for inspiration regarding the different décor elements. Beautiful rugs reflecting your chosen colours and lots of colourful pillows also look great. If possible have at least a few small sections of floor seating with large cushions and comfortable rugs for that authentic Moroccan feel. You can even have your chair covers and table linens in rich hues like purple, wine and gold and even plates and cutlery in plush looking colours like silver or gold. Glasses and gauntlets with intricate patterns add to that Arabian Nights feel as well.

Use embroidered, beaded or metallic table runners to add a luxe touch. Spice up the place with lots of ornate colourful lamps, lots of candles and always stay away from harsh fluorescent lighting! For centerpieces you can go with a crystal or crystal like candle-holders, rhinestone studded glittery table lamps, mini hookahs or even something simple like small tea light candles strewn with jewel toned beaded or stone necklaces (something your guests can take home and enjoy later too!). Small bags of candy in colourful organza or tissue pouches are a sweet touch too.

Don’t forget about the food, having something outright Continental or Indian will seem a little incongruous. Moroccan cuisine is delicious and full of various spices with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean touches. Talk to your wedding venue or caterers who can provide what you are looking for. Apart from other beverages, serve guests mint tea after dinner, a highly popular Moroccan drink. If you are planning to cut your wedding cake at this time, you can even give your cake design some Moroccan flair with its unique design and colour scheme elements. If you are working with a wedding decorator in India, do check pictures from their previous work and pick out certain props and elements to finally achieve the look and feel that you want for your themed event.

Last but not the least, if you have the budget and would like to add a little spice, hire a Moroccan dance troupe to perform and teach your guests some moves. You and your wedding party can even learn some moves beforehand and have your own dance sequence to liven up the night!

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