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Monochromatic Wedding Décor


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Your wedding décor is of utmost importance as it sets the mood for the function. Indian wedding décor is usually bright and blingy with an outburst of colours. But, how about having a monochromatic wedding décor with just one colour? Here are some tips on how to select just one colour for your wedding décor and yet wow your guests…

Depending on your theme or preference of colour, you can choose your colour.  The idea is to have just one colour and use variations of that same colour from the lightest to the darkest hue of that colour. This will create a lovely theme in itself with distinct shades of the same colour. The key to balance the various shades; for example if you choose pink as your colour, your colour palette can include any shade of pink ranging from hot fuchsia to a blush pink!


Another thing you could do to make your décor intense and unforgettable would be to use fabrics of various textures where ever possible. Like using a combination of sheer with raw silk or brocade will break the monotony. A monochromatic color scheme looks gorgeous against the natural backdrop hence it is best recommended for outdoor weddings but it can also be used for indoor weddings.

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Conceptualizing a monochromatic theme may get a little difficult. Just a tip…start from the focal point you know you surely want in a particular colour; that could be anything – drapes, flowers or backdrop. Once you decide on that you will have to work backwards. Depending on whether you have fixed on the colour for something as big as the mandap drapes or something small, the rest of the décor will roll out. Like for example, if you have chosen a darker shade of fabric for your mandap, your flowers need to be in pastel tones while your outfit can be some shade in between these two.

Balance is the key! You need to follow this basic rule of thumb for creating a monochromatic décor.

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