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Molecular Gastronomy at Weddings

molecular gastronomy

This is an all new approach towards food where cooking is treated as science and chefs scrutinize the physical and chemical transformation of ingredients that takes place when various cooking techniques are applied. Have you ever heard of cocktails in ice spheres which literally burst in your mouth or aux caviar, spherical ravioli, crab ice cream and olive oil spiral?? We know it all sounds unusual but trust us, this is the new wave where physics is blended with chemistry to transform tastes and textures of food and take it to an all new level. Chefs are using tools from science labs and pairing them with raw ingredients to constantly create culinary masterpieces. They study how food tastes and reacts under different temperatures and pressure conditions.

Well talking about molecular gastronomy at weddings, this is a trend which is at its naïve stage but will surely gain popularity especially among clients who are willing to give their guests an experience of a lifetime and have the resources to do so. Molecular gastronomy is revolutionizing traditional cooking and transforming the dining experience into an emotional and sensory one with outburst of flavors.

molecular gastronomy at weddings

What you see above are chicken soup spheres. The chef has used Sodium Alginate to create these perfect spherical packets of chicken goodness. These delicious concoctions can be warmed to over 100 degrees, thus still delivering that warm chicken soup feeling.

strawberry dessert weddings

Can you believe…what you see above is a macerated strawberry dish? The strawberries were very sweet, balanced by a sort of savory olive oil biscuit. Everything on the plate was edible, including the picnic tablecloth look-a-like. Don’t worry we have more interesting stuff to share…here are molecular canapés. Aren’t they a perfect blend of artful showmanship?? Imagine these being served at your wedding functions.

molecular wedding menu

Here in the picture above we have Ice Pudding with Strawberries.

Best for last … truffle toast and layered quail jelly, crayfish cream and chicken liver parfait placed on a bed of grass. When water is poured on the sides, dense fog is created by dry ice which is hidden under the grass.

wedding food mednu display

What we love the most about this new trend is, the artistic display and the fact that your food comes to you as a surprise. Though the portions are miniscule, you can never describe the experience your palette will undergo.

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