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Mardi Gras Themed Cocktail Party

A wedding cocktail party is an event to relax, let loose and yes party with your friends and family without the fuss of the other ceremonious wedding aspects. A themed cocktail party can be a super blast so why not go big with the biggest party theme of all… Mardi Gras! The term Mardi Gras refers to the carnival type celebrations in various places around the world normally held to indulge and eat well before the Christian Lent – the huge and extremely colourful celebrations in New Orleans being the most popularly known party of them all. Parties, parades, balls, costumes, floats etc. it has it all. It’s one the most vibrant themes you can create to turn your party into something unique.

You can turn your wedding cocktail party into your very own Mardi gras-ish celebrations with some simple tweaks and a whole lot of imagination. Firstly it cannot be a Mardi Gras theme without colour…and lots of it. This is not a theme that calls for subtlety so if there was ever a time for your inner peacock to get out, this is it! Think of lots of bright, bold colours like orange, red, yellow, bright blue etc. especially as accents to the traditional Mardi Gras colours of purple, green and gold (representing justice, faith and power respectively). Incorporate energetic colours in your décor like the drapes, table cloths, chairs, bead curtains etc. Add pops of colour with floral arrangements and coloured candles.

Mardi Gras masquerades are legendary so incorporate masks into your party or décor theme. If you are having a masquerade party, have elaborative and creative masks for your guests to wear. You can even have huge, colourful masks on the walls or smaller ones for table centerpieces. Think colour, glitter and feathers! Party props like confetti in traditional Mardi Gras colours, mini treasure chests with fake gold coins and bling, balloons, feathered boas, glow in the dark jewellery etc. all add to the party atmosphere. Pick up bead necklaces in different colours for your guests and even to add to the venue decor. Your wedding decorator in India will surely be able to help you source small items that can be used as giveaways.

This is definitely the kind of party where you can have fun with the clothes. Find outfits in the traditional Mardi Gras colours or embellish a simple outfit with funky carnival like touches. Ask your guests to do the same and you can have beads, masks, boas etc. on hand for them. You could also go all out and have a costumed masquerade and have a prize for the best dressed of the evening.

The point of Mardi Gras is to indulge before the fast, so make sure you have lots of yummy dishes and drinks on the menu, good music and most importantly a great attitude! Hope you enjoyed this post from Marry Me’s wedding planning team.

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