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Making your wedding greener!

Eco-consciousness is on the rise nowadays and most people are trying to do their bit for Mother Earth. While it’s simpler to make small changes in our day to day lives, you might think it’s tough to go green when it comes to planning parties and big events. You can have a beautiful wedding and not shed your eco-friendly ideals; it just takes a little tweaking and a rethinking of your priorities.

A green wedding isn’t a totally far-fetched idea and although you may not be able to go 100% green, you definitely could do a lot better. Firstly it makes sense to downsize your plans a bit; this will make it easier to curb wastefulness. A good brainstorming session with your wedding planner and anyone helping you plan your ‘green’ wedding is a great idea to come up with various usable ideas.

Let’s begin with the invites. You will probably sending out hundreds of invitation cards to all your guests. That’s a lot of paper! Recycled paper options are a good option and no less beautiful and you can even sweeten the pot further by using those made by non-profit organizations. The greenest and most affordable option would be to send online invitations instead.

When you are deciding on venues, choose one that makes the best use of natural resources. Since you might have more choices when it comes to the reception venue, look at places with plenty of natural light and natural beauty. Take advantage of the plentiful sunshine with day-time events outdoors. Use strategically placed and minimal lighting for night-time weddings and try and use energy-saving bulbs. Oil lamps and diyas are pretty and functional.

Big hotels and fancy halls use a lot of electricity and tons of not very ‘green’ resources. Parks, Farms and gardens make great venues and you can skip the decorations and take advantage of the lush greenery and flowers. If you would prefer an indoor event try and arrange to have the wedding and reception at the same venue, one after another. This could save possible transportation hassles and fuel consumption. Look for venues that use energy-saving products and are active recyclers. Avoid using decorations that are just going to be thrown out later.

When it comes to the food and catering, it helps to do some self catering especially if you are having something small-scale. Limit the number of courses and keep it as vegetarian as possible. To be as eco-friendly as possible ask your caterer to use only local organic produce and seasonal fruits and veggies, resulting in less packaging and less electricity used for refrigeration.

Since you are taking the effort to be greener why not pass the gift along. Give your guests saplings and seeds they can plant at home. Small potted plants make good gifts too. Going green does not mean sacrificing your aesthetic…you can have a wedding you and Mother Nature will be proud of! I am sure your wedding planner in India will be able to help you with  some good tips on green ec0 – friendly weddings.

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  1. Sameera
    Posted February 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    That is my first time I have visited your wedding blog. I’ve discovered so much interesting stuff in your blog. From the tons of comments on your articles,to all the totally different posts. I guess I am not the one one enjoying all the good reading here! keep up the great work. Thank you…

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