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Makeup Tips for the DIY Bride

Indian bridal makeup

Getting primped and prettified for the wedding is one of the biggest concerns for many a bride.  The aim is not only to make a gorgeous bride but also to be the most beautiful version of you as possible!

If you plan to be a DIY bride as far as makeup is concerned, don’t worry; this kind of wedding research is pretty enjoyable! There are plenty of makeup tutorials online and in bridal magazines too for you to browse through. We have also put together a few useful tips to help you get started  :

Indian wedding make up lessons

First off start a good skin-care regime a few months before your wedding. A fresh, glowing face will act as the perfect blank canvas for your wedding makeup!

Some of the first few things you will have to invest in (more so if you don’t wear much makeup otherwise) are good base products like a foundation and concealer. These are not the areas you won’t to skimp on, since they provide that perfect base for all your other products. Do buy one that matches your complexion perfectly so as to avoid that unsightly mask like look! The wrong colour and texture for your skin type not only looks bad but can also age you…yikes! Also remember if you do use a certain brand that works well for you stick with it; now is not the time to experiment with your skin. 

Lara Dutta Sangeet look

Other make up essentials you need to paint your canvas so to speak, will be eye-shadows, lipstick / gloss, mascara, blush, highlighter etc. Your best bet would be to go to a good department or makeup store and try on shades that highlight your features best.

You will find loads of handy tutorials online to guide you as to where and how to apply your makeup to best effect; according to your skin colour, face shape and the overall look you desire (for e.g. glamourous, subtle, vintage etc.). In fact some Indian brands have bridal collections as well. One handy tip – warm metallic shades like gold, bronze and copper on the eyes usually work well on most Indian skin tones!

Once you have the products you need, make sure to practice, practice, and practice! You don’t want to be left blindsided on your big day. Take a second opinion and also try and take pictures so that you can gauge how your makeup translates in photos as well as in varied lighting. Also do try the full look with your wedding outfit or something that has the same colour schemes.

Indian bridal look

Since the climate in India can be hot and humid, look for waterproof makeup that will stay put. It will also come in handy during those emotional teary moments! 

Deepika Padukone Wedding look

Another fun tip is to browse through your favourite Bollywood brides and movies for inspiration!

Remember always use as little or as much makeup as you are personally comfortable with and let your natural beauty shine through!

Any DIY brides out there?

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