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Love Your Pet? Here’s How They Can Be A Part Of Your Wedding

pets at wedding - Marry Me

When you think about who will be with you on your wedding day, you wish those closest to you to be present. For many couples, that includes a family pet. Weddings are wonderful as they bring everyone you love together be it your family, friends and also your furry companions! Dogs in particular are becoming the new untraditional participants in wedding ceremonies. This is mostly because dogs are the most socially acceptable pets in public and they can also be trained easily to be at their best behavior at your wedding! If you have other pets like cats, horses, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, owls or even lizards – worry not! With a little training and lots of care they can be entrusted with simple wedding roles at your ceremony.

 Here are a few ideas on how you could go about involving your pet in your wedding celebration:

cute dog at wedding

Make Sure Pets Are Allowed At The Wedding Venue

With a million other things on your to-do list, it’s possible to forget this simple but most important step. You don’t want to show up on the day of your wedding with your faithful pet in tow, only to be told that your animal friend won’t be allowed in the property. Call in advance and ask if the wedding has any policy regarding pets at the property. Usually wedding ceremony venues don’t allow pets especially if they are religious or historic venues. If you’re having a destination wedding make sure the hotel you’re staying at is pet friendly. Try to have your wedding ceremony at a park, beach, backyard or a garden as an outdoor venue is better for pets.

pets at a wedding

Know Your Pet

You must ask yourself if your pet is well behaved enough to actually be a part of your wedding. As much as you love your pet, be honest with yourself. Just as a cute pet will always be remembered as the star of your wedding, so too will a naughty pet. You don’t want your wedding spoilt by a pet disaster! First and foremost you should think of your pet’s comfort. Will it be comfortable at your wedding? How will it react to large crowds and noise? Is it always distracted? And most importantly – Is it well trained to respond to simple commands?

pets at a wedding : dogs

Keep It Simple

Do Not give your pets big responsibilities, as that will just get them stressed and make their fun day difficult. Choose an appropriate role for your pet depending on behavior and personality. There are many special roles for your pet, like ring bearer duties, to ushers, flower pets, pet of honour or best pet! Love your horse? Ride into the ceremony on her. Your pet could also simply be a part of your guests with special outfits according to the theme of the wedding. Get your pet to wear special collars decorated with flowers, ribbons, a tux, a bridesmaid dress or anything pretty as long as it’s comfortable.

dogs dressed up for a wedding

Take A Test Run

If you plan on entrusting your pet with some wedding duties make sure you have some rehearsals before the big day happens. Get your pet familiar with the venue and also with some of the guests so that it doesn’t feel panicky or confused on your wedding day. Get it trained to perfection as to what it has to do at your wedding ceremony with some special treats kept handy at all times to keep it happy and motivated.

pet sitter at wedding

Have A Pet Sitter

Get a pet sitter to keep an eye on your pet and take care of it during the wedding. With everyone busy doing their own thing its best to have a sitter who’ll make sure your pet is taken care of and doesn’t get into any trouble. Also, your pet shouldn’t be starved and should have enough food and water supplies through the wedding. Don’t be surprised if your pet is caught stealing somebody else’s food!

cat at wedding

Special Photoshoot With Your Pet

A wedding day with your pet being a part of it will only come once. Set aside some time to take pictures with your faithful pet. They could be the best and cutest picture of your entire wedding! Even if you can’t bring your pet to the wedding, a few pictures with it could be just perfect!

Make your wedding day a happy one for you and your pet! It’s the best way to personalize your wedding, don’t you agree?

horse at a wedding

 cute pets at wedding

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