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It’s Time to Dress the Bridesmaids!

Anyone who has ever had a bridal party of multiple bridesmaids knows it can be a task to keep everyone happy. We have all seen the movies where the poor bridesmaids are forced to wear huge poufy monstrosities, while keeping a beaming smile on their faces to boot! Your bridesmaids are not only an integral part of the wedding and their look adds to the entire style on the ceremony too but are most likely the women closest to you. There are definitely ways to keep everyone happy and beautiful and more importantly keep your relationships intact!

In most cases bridesmaids pay for their own dresses and accessories, so budget is an important issue. Find dresses and other attire that is affordable for everyone involved. In fact it would be great to find dresses that can be worn again so they feel better about shelling out and it can be used again.

Trends in bridesmaids dresses are ever changing; nowadays you see a lot of brides opting for dresses in different lengths and varying cuts. This is a fun way to mix it up and also find the best length for each woman accordingly. You can also experiment with colours like having contrasting colours, those that match your wedding colours and having different shades of the same colour that’s flatters all your bridesmaids’ skin tones.

Have the dresses fitted to a silhouette that flatters each one individually and yet works together; let them find the bodices that skirt cuts that they are most comfortable in. Find out who will be comfortable with different necklines like strapless or halters or would rather prefer sleeves or a wrap. For an easy fix a classic A line sheath with a V neckline cut flatters most body types. Also always choose a fabric that falls well on everyone. As for shoes and jewellery make sure they are nice neutral pieces that will look good on everyone and heel heights they can all be ok with.

Your bridesmaids dresses will also depend on the style and theme of the wedding. For a more casual do you can mix up the colour scheme and experiment with prints, for a formal wedding a more classic silhouette in subtle colours always works. It’s preferable not to go with too much bling and shine because that can end up looking a little tacky. Best take your girls along and make a fun shopping trip of it! Stay tuned for more pre-wedding planning tips from Marry Me – Indian Wedding Planners.

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