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Involving Traditional Parents In Modern Indian Weddings

parents at Indian wedding

As wedding planners, we come across many instances where the views of the younger generation clash with that of the elders. While the bride and groom may want a fun, vibrant and nontraditional wedding, the parents pitch for a more serious and traditional affair. While you may think that an invite in a bottle is the perfect option for a beach themed wedding, your parents may fail to understand the concept and be unhappy about it. Most couples think, the best way to deal with this is to keep parents out of the planning stage. However we feel this may lead to more confusion closer to the wedding date.

Here are some tips that can help you to sail through your planning phase smoothly, without stepping on anyone’s toes.

  1. The wedding day is no doubt a big day for the bride and the groom. But it is also an important day for your parents who are either welcoming or bidding farewell to one of their own. So it is only fair that they have a say in some parts of the wedding.

indian wedding ceremony

  1. A compromise can be reached between both sides where the parents are given the task of planning the religious and traditional parts of the ceremony while the youngsters can plan the rest of the event as per their wish. Also the bride and groom can make an effort to participate actively in the religious ceremonies and take interest and understand the rituals. This will make the whole process less tedious and more interesting.
  2. A traditional wedding does not mean that it is not fun at all. The bride cannot escape being teased and the groom cannot escape bribing various people in order to proceed with the wedding and meet his lady love. Traditional rituals like the hiding of the grooms shoe or finding of a ring in a bowl of milk are fun games which serve as ice breakers between the two families.
  3. Traditional Indian weddings can be quite long leaving no scope for the bride and groom to actually relax and enjoy their big day. Incorporating one event only for youngsters will bring a perfect balance to this dilemma and will allow the couple to actually party and spend some time with friends and family. After parties are also a good idea where the traditional wedding or reception can be followed up by a late night rocking party.
  4. Our last tip would be to always keep your parents in the loop about your decisions and plans so that they are prepared and are not in for a complete shock on the wedding day. Giving them a role or some responsibility will also make them feel good.

parents at Indian wedding reception

Our parents have invaluable advice to give in all aspects of life and they are and will always be there to assist with anything that we need. Our parents play a very important role in our lives and your wedding day would be something both generations would always remember. Hence it is advisable to keep everyone happy and avoid making any unpleasant memories and enjoy your big day.

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