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Indian Weddings & The Betel Leaf

paan at Indian weddings

Paan is a very commonly available commodity in India. It is traditionally the leaf of the betel nut tree and holds a lot of significance in Indian culture. It is usually consumed as an after meal refreshment in India but plays multiple roles and there are many ways you could include a betel leaf at your wedding. Here are some interesting and innovative ideas on including this leaf at your Indian wedding.

Betel Nut and Paan

The betel leaf plays a very important role at Indian wedding rituals. It is considered to signify freshness and prosperity. In Hindu culture it marks the beginning of every auspicious event. Many rituals involve the use of betel leaf at Hindu weddings.

betel leaf used for India wedding

Right from the time of confirming the wedding, to the post wedding rituals, betel leaf is used. Betel leaves are exchanged between two families as a token of confirmation of the wedding. A Bengali bride covers her face with betel leaf and only after she encircles her husband seven times, does the couple look at each other.

Apart from the ceremony, you can include betel leaf in your wedding décor. Floral garlands can be interspersed with betel leaf trimmings to add some colour.

Betel leaf is a very popular Indian after meal refreshment. Though traditionally consumed after a meal, nowadays there are more innovative and unconventional ways to include it at your wedding.  Paan is a must at traditional North Indian weddings. However you can deviate from the traditional way of serving it and try something more innovative like paan shots …It’s a variation and may probably become a hit among the younger crowd at your party!

paan flavoured shots

Betel nut is considered as a delicacy in Thailand. If you have a Thai menu or if you are planning your wedding in Thailand, you must have this on your menu. It is used in various forms…as a snack or as a roll and is considered to be very healthy.

betel nut at Thailand wedding

Not to leave the desserts out, we recommend adding a few paan inspired desserts to your menu like, paan macaroons or paan flavoured ice cream. A perfect end to a scrumptious Indian meal!

paan flavoured macaroons made in India

paan flavoured ice cream at wedding

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