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Indian Wedding Jewellery Trends


(Image Source : Tanishq)

Jewellery is a very important part of Indian culture; especially wedding jewellery holds a lot of significance. Wedding jewellery has evolved and trends have changed over the years.  Today there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting your wedding jewelry.

Gone are the days when heavy chunky designs in yellow gold were considered to be in vogue. The contemporary bride has moved on and the trend has shifted to minimalistic jewellery with unique patterns. No longer do brides go to a jewellery shop and pick their wedding jewellery off the rack. Nowadays great emphasis is laid on the style, pattern and cut. The bride usually appoints a designer and gets the jewellery designed to her choice.

Jewellery shopping was never so simple! With a plethora of options in every area the bride can be rest assured to get what she wants. Everything can be customized right from the metal to the stone colour, size , cut, finish…and much more.

Some of the current popular styles among cosmopolitan brides are Victorian style jewellery, rose cut jewellery and antique jewellery. Victorian style jewellery is back in fashion. It is a combination of gold and silver jewellery with precious stone settings. Rose cut jewellery – this style is kind of unique and the stone setting for this style is more of an open setting and the diamond is cut in a way such that the top resembles a rose bud.

Antique or vintage jewellery! This can be of two types. One where ancestral jewellery is passed down from the previous generation, and holds a great significance. The other is a style where you can get jewellery custom made to look like its vintage. It all depends on the choice of the bride.

Metal – There are plenty of metal options to choose from. The range includes white gold, pink gold (mixture of gold and copper to give it a tinge of pink), yellow gold, platinum and silver.

Most of these jewellery designs are inspired by nature and surroundings.  This is something that hasn’t changed as this was the inspiration for jewellery makers in the past too. Though the most common motifs then were Elephants and Peacocks along with Sunflowers and Daisies but now the designing has evolved and the most preferred designs are of exotic flowers such as hyacinths . Bollywood movies also greatly influences the bridal fashion trends. Kundan jewellery from the movie Jodha Akbar is on the wish list of every Indian bride.

The latest trend visible among brides is that of having Luxe bridal piece. This involves one or two striking pieces of jewellery being adorned by the bride which steal the show. They completely stand out and make to bride look magical. Like for example if you remember, Kate Middleton’s luxe jewellery was her stunning tiara. She did not wear a lot of jewellery apart from that. It was only her diamond earrings and wedding ring!


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Your luxe piece could anything from a sparkling solitaire ring to a statement making mang tikka….it just has to stand out from your entire bridal ensemble.

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