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Indian Marigolds with a Western Twist

Indian marigolds wedding

Every flower has its own beauty and characteristics which make it stand apart from the others. While red roses are more classic and western, pastel colored hydrangeas or white orchids would be apt for a garden style outdoor event. For a traditional Indian feel, the marigold is the winner hands down. Yellow or orange marigolds are one of the most popular flowers that feature in Indian weddings not only because they are widely available and economical but also because their vivid and vibrant colors perfectly complement the spirit of Indian weddings.
Wrapping marigold strings around pillars or hanging them in strings on your backdrop or mandap or at the entrance is quite common. Here are some interesting ways to use the marigold flower to create a different and wow effect.

marigold chandlier Indian wedding

Marigold chandeliers look gorgeous and very traditional for a mehndi or sangeet function. Using marigold strings with kaliras, bells or any other flowers as tassels at the end is also very different and innovative.

 Marigold flowers Indian wedding

Simple stand alone marigold flowers also look very pretty and picturesque. Single flowers can be used to add to the table décor or around urlis or candles placed around the venue.

Indian wedding mehnedi ceremony

The marigold is mostly not used for table arrangements or bridal bouquets. Hence this would be an interesting idea for your wedding. You can have a nice big flower arrangement with a mix of marigolds and other flowers or you can keep it simple with two or three marigold flowers in chai glasses or a simple glass vase. A tight arrangement of marigold flowers in tall vases can also create a very classic western look.

Marigold wedding favors

We love these marigold boutonnieres for the groom or the groomsmen. Very chic we think!

marigolds used at wedding ceremony

Line your walkway with these western inspired aisle decorations. Instead of using marigold strings at the entrance use marigold balls or marigold sculptures to adorn your entrance.

Marigold Indian wedding cake

We simply love the idea behind this wedding cake. While the marigolds flowers and sketch on the cake give it a very traditional feel, the blue shaded frill base gives it a very nontraditional and different look altogether.

If you have used marigolds differently for your wedding, we would love to hear about it. Do write in to us at

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