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Important Wedding Planning Tips | Popping the Question

Proposal idea

Planning your proposal and asking the one you love to marry you is no longer only a sit down dinner and popping the question deal. People are getting more and more creative in finding and executing the perfect way to create an impactful wedding proposal. In fact the proposal and its setting is one of the few very private times you will during a busy and family-filled Indian wedding, so make the most of it! These few Indian wedding planning tips will help you get started down the path:

Start with the ring. Pick something you know will suit your partner and her / his personality. If your fiancé hasn’t been very vocal about what she wants, talk to her close friends and family members to get a sense of her preferences. There are some couples who plan not to exchange rings so you can even buy a symbol of your commitment like a necklace with pendant, kadda or a pair of pretty payals.

This is going to be the time when you are asking someone to spend their life with you, so make it as special as possible! Start planning a few months in advance especially if you are involving friends or family to help you out. Make it interesting and super special suited to your personality as a couple e.g. are you two adventurous you could maybe plan a fun trip like a sailing or hot air balloon ride and propose mid-air, if you are goofy a scavenger hunt leading to the ring etc. Also scout the romantic locations near where you live or somewhere you can travel to, plan the best wedding proposal you can manage. Memorable places like where you went on your first date or shared your first kiss are also sweet. You can even involve something or something that is very dear to your intended like their pet.

One thing that you must keep in mind is to make this as comfortable for your partner as possible. If she or he is a private person, don’t plan something where you will be surrounded by a crowd or where they will have be forced to in the spotlight. The discomfort will ruin the surprise and the emotions behind it. If you are stuck for ideas go with the classic way but add your own unique stamp to it. Make it intimate, magical and a story worth telling!

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    Important Wedding Planning Tips | Popping the Question…

    Planning your proposal and asking the one you love to marry you is no longer ……

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