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How to select the perfect engagement ring


An engagement ring is one of the most priceless pieces of jewel any girl may own. Getting the perfect ring for the love of your life may not be that difficult after all. Here are some tips on how to go about selecting an engagement ring which your fiancée will cherish forever!

 Once you are ready to pop the question, you must first decide whether you want to take her along to select the ring or you want to surprise her by buying it yourself. Don’t stress! You can secretly pick up a lot of hints from your fiancée, which will help you in making the right choice. Observe her when you go out shopping. Does she stop at display counters and check out rings or diamonds? What styles impress her and which are the ones she does not like. You can also get clues from the existing jewels she owns; get to know which is her favourite piece and why. This may help to narrow your search. Another option is to get help from her family or friends.

You need clarity on the four major areas before you start scouting for the ring. These would namely be- carat, cut, color and clarity.



It refers to the weight of the diamond. The cost of the diamond may vary according to the size and weight. Though most girls like to have a big rock on their fingers, it’s not always recommended. If your fiancée has a slender frame, you must choose the ring which will suit her body structure and yet look stunning.



This is a very important evaluator to check the quality of the diamond. There are grades to rate the clarity of diamonds. You may get a large cloudy diamond at the price of a small transparent and shiny one but it will not really be worth the effort. You may rather choose a smaller but higher quality diamond.


Color of a diamond ringWhite transparent diamonds are exceedingly expensive than the coloured ones and sparkle the most while the coloured ones sparkle less. The reason being the refraction of light from a white diamond is unmatched. The finest grade is D and the diamonds which fall in this category are pristine and colourless. All other diamonds have a very slight trace of color; however when studded in a piece they appear as transparent. If you are going for a coloured diamond, you need to balance it with the clarity grade. Fancy coloured diamonds such as pink are very expensive and unusual.


ivanka-trump-round-diamond-ringCut is the most important factor. This is the element which adds value to the stone and makes it so precious and priceless. A perfectly cut diamond, refracts just the right amount of light to emit the brilliant sparkle.

Once you have these basics in place the other thing you need to watch out for is the setting. The most expensive diamond may end up looking awful if it’s not set well and vice versa. Hence the diamond should be set in such a way that it is able to refract light at all times. The metal is important too and must be carefully chosen. The more popular options are white gold and platinum as opposed to the traditional yellow gold unless you are opting for an antique ring.

If you are confident of your choice, go ahead and personalize the ring; if not then you can always strike a deal with the jeweler to exchange it, just in case!

We hope the above tips will come handy to help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Now all you have to do is pop the question!

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