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How to make a Great Wedding Web site yourself

Your partner and you have set the wedding date and the guest list is just about coming together. And, with your wedding budget set to prioritize nothing but the most important factors (like your wedding gown!) you in all probability won’t have much funds to spend on something as plain as a wedding web site. But, in today’s age, everybody has their own wedding web site and there are many good reasons why. Below you’ll find all the right reasons to get your partner and yourself a wedding-dedicated web site. And, you’ll also find the necessary ways to get it up and running.

Why should we have a Wedding Web site?

Even though the concept of a wedding web site is quite a new phenomenon, it has definitely taken the world of weddings by storm! Today’s wedding web site builders allow one to do a lot. Here are the benefits of a wedding web site!

1. A wedding web site offers your partner and you the best platform to tell your story to your friends and well.. possibly everyone on the Internet! It is one place that you can share every detail about the day you both met and of course about your wedding plans. It can be especially useful if you will be inviting people who don’t know your spouse-to-be very well yet!

2. Photos, photos and more photos! Don’t we all just love them? Well, your guests can get access to the uploaded photo galleries of both of you, your family, pre-wedding parties and the actual wedding itself. They’ll be able to enjoy the fun before they even reach the wedding destination, if they haven’t already. It’s also nice for those guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding.

3. Another great reason to get your own wedding web site is that it keeps your guests informed of the wedding schedule way in advance. So if your wedding is in Mumbai, India, they will be able to make advance plans just by looking at the information on the web site.

4. A wedding web site also provides a good way to deliver vital information such as a digital map of the location of your wedding and other ceremonies. You can also place photos of the wedding venue, giving your guests a sense of the location. Plus, you can also add some hotel options for out of town guests.

5. You can create a specific email address just for your wedding! Thus, guests will be able to reach you and your partner there with no form of miscommunication.

Now let’s get down to the creation of such a wedding-dedicated web site

You’ll find tons of wedding web site creators on the Internet itself. But most of them either provide you with very few pages and drab templates. Try out Wedorama and Bridal Bell, two separate sites that offers a personalized web address, user-friendly web page builder, advanced planner tools and CD Keepsakes purchase options. They offer a 2 week free trial for those who might want to change their mind.

An Indian site called FirstPhera is also a good option since they offer ethnic design templates, the ability to write in a regional language and more importantly an easy to use interface. You can also create your Gift Registry here for all to see.

If your partner or you happen to be an HTML expert, then you can save your money and create your own web site for free.

When should I create my Wedding Web site

Well, if the date’s been set or even if it hasn’t, there’s nothing like getting way ahead of time and creating your own wedding web site. This way you’ll have plenty of time to organize it before you actually send out the link to your guests.

It’s a good idea to send the link to your wedding web site on your Save the Date cards. Guests and family will then be able to be in regular touch with the progress of your wedding.

All in all, the benefits of having a personalized wedding web site are high. After all, planning a wedding can be very stressful at times. So why not make it a less stressful experience by having an online wedding web site!

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