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How to choose your wedding colours!


Choosing the right colour palette for your wedding is very important as it will form the base for your wedding décor. Whether you go for theme based décor or a décor inspired by colours, most elements are based on the colour palette.  Right from the invite to the drapes used, the wedding flowers and even to the colour of the cocktails served. A colour palette will create harmony in the décor as well as reflect your style.

To choose your wedding colour palette the first step would be to look within yourself and identify colors that compliment you and reflect your personality. You could even refer to a lot of inspiration boards and décor magazines for ideas before you narrow down on a few options.  For the exact hues and tones you can even refer to Pantone shades for the season. The Pantone shades for the season is a unique selection of colours by professionals from distinct areas that vary from interior decorating to fashion. These colours are selected by these experts keeping in mind the season and latest trends. Even a colour wheel can be useful in case you are confused and don’t know where to start. The colour wheel will show complementing as well as contrasting colours.

Colours used in the wedding décor can set a tone and strike a mood for your function. Like bright colours such as hot Pink, Red, Orange reflect a very lively mood where as pastle shades such as blush Pink, sheer White reflect elegance and colours such as lemon and green give a very fresh look.

A theme based colour palette would completely depend on the theme. Like for example the colour palette for a Rajasthani themed function will be, bright with a burst of colours. The one thing you need to keep in mind for theme based décor is to balance out the colours. Over doing of any colour may kill the purpose.

By choosing the right wedding colors, you will actually be able to direct the feel and flow of your ceremony and your reception.

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    great post, such an important aspect

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    How to choose your wedding colours!…

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