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How to Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas at an Indian Wedding

Lots of weddings to attend this year? Then this one is for you… Like other major events, weddings too come with dos and don’ts where attire is concerned. Although, there are no hard and fast rules concerning clothes for guests at an Indian wedding, it’s best to follow certain basic guidelines so you don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons, or worse offend someone. Let’s take a look into some of the ways you can avoid becoming a fashion outcast at a wedding:

Check for what is specified – Do check if the wedding invitation specifies a dress code. Especially nowadays with themed events, there may be some specific requests like Western formal wear at a cocktail or reception, or specific costumes.

When in doubt go with favourites – The norm at Indian weddings is sarees, salwar kameezes or lehengas. Pick one of these and you can’t really go wrong. Sarees always look gorgeous, but if you aren’t comfortable in one a pretty embellished salwar kameez or lehenga choli are good options.


Generally, more traditional or conservative Indian wedding attire is appropriate for the actual wedding ceremony and you can save your more playful or avant garde choices for other functions like the wedding reception or the cocktail party.

Consider Indo-Western

suitable to wear at an Indian wedding

(Designer:Manish Malhotra)

Less formal events also give you room to experiment with Indo-Western fusion wear like a lehenga with a corset top or slim pants with a kurti / tunic and embellished scarf. Keeping a slight Indian touch though not required, lends a nice wedding-y vibe.

Go for Colour – One of the best parts about weddings in India is that women bust out the brightest, funnest colours from their wardrobes and top it off with beautiful jewelry. Indian weddings are definitely a time and place to let your inner peacock out. There is one thing you need to keep in mind, certain colours like black or white are considered inauspicious for weddings in some communities. So if you aren’t sure simply avoid them.

Don’t compete with the bride – This is definitely the bride’s day, so avoid stealing the fashion spotlight, even accidently! That is a major boo-boo at any wedding, anywhere in the world. Stay clear from over the top dressy outfits in the bridal colours, for e.g. a heavy and embellished red and gold lehenga or a white dress at a church wedding. Also if you aren’t sure how formal the crowd is going to be, try to take the mid path.


indian wedding clothes

Lastly, in India, especially when there are going to be a lot of elders around, slightly conservative wedding wear is always better!

Hope these tips help! Stay tuned for more…

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