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Having A Memorable Monsoon Wedding

monsoon wedding in India

Rains and Romance – a beautiful combination and one of the most tried and tested formulas in Bollywood to bring out the amorous streak in you. Add to this an emotion packed wedding and you have an absolutely splendid concoction for the most memorable event of your life.

rainy day in India

Although the idea of a monsoon wedding appeals to everyone, it is not always practical when it comes to cities like Mumbai where merely the idea of travelling in the rains is enough to convince guests to skip your wedding altogether! We have, however, come across some couples for whom a monsoon wedding is just inevitable due to lack of leaves, auspicious dates, or because it’s the only time all your important guests have some free time! So after all the meticulous planning and fretting, all that can be done is hope for the best. However we have learned a few tips in the bargain, which could help you, have an enjoyable wedding, with or without the rains.

For indoor venues, a monsoon wedding is not much of a trouble, as you and your guests will be well protected from the rains.  However what you need to take care of is logistics and transport for your guests. Travelling in the rains is a major hassle especially when you are all decked up.  A warm cosy bus, with hot tea and pakodas served during the journey will be much appreciated and you will always be remembered for your thoughtfulness. Also ensure that your guests don’t have to wade through a pool of water at your entrance to reach inside your venue. They may just turn and walk away!

wedding in the rains

When considering outdoor venues, look for a combination of outdoor and indoor spaces or the presence of some sheltered areas. In case of heavy rains or light drizzles, the indoor space can serve as a backup for those who want to stay away from the rains. Do not risk keeping your musicians, DJ and his sound equipment out in the open just because you think it won’t rain. It is absolutely necessary that you provide them with some kind of shelter from the downpour, to be on the safe side.

bride in the rain in India

Having your venue as close to your residence is a plus point for a monsoon wedding as it ensures minimum exposure to the weather.  In case you do have to travel a bit to your venue, consider getting ready at the venue itself to avoid ruining your look.

gum boots for the rains

Weddings, especially Indian weddings, are all about the having the best of clothes and jewelry and plenty of hair and makeup.  Therefore, in case of rains, protecting expensive clothes and jewelry from the rains is of utmost importance for many people rather than enjoying the showers.  To avoid this you could probably keep the mood of the function very casual and suggest a casual dress code on your invites as well.

rain shoes for bridesmaids

Considering the weather, if would help to keep some towels and spare clothes ready in case anyone is completely soaked and needs a change of clothes. Provide your guests with umbrellas, raincoats, boots and any other rainwear you think will help. Some of your guests may not be able to manage their umbrellas while they take care of their clothes or try to navigate with their high heels. So appointing ushers who will hold an umbrella for them and escort them to safety is a good idea.

In case of outdoor venues, make sure the ground is even with no cavities or potholes where water can collect and form puddles. The same applies to drainage systems in rooftop venues. In case of a grassy lawns or grounds, it is preferable to construct a wooden floor rather than risk dancing in a muddy pit. You might think that your venue, with its picturesque view of mountains and hills and trees is very beautiful and ideal for a monsoon wedding. But what you don’t consider is that if the ground level of your venue is lower than the surrounding level, your venue is at a risk of being waterlogged.

soup served at monsoon wedding

Since your guests have braved the weather to be a part of your special day, you also need to take extra care of them. Keep a menu, which will help keep your guests warm.  Soups, hot starters, pakodas, Kebabs and barbecues if possible along with hot desserts like Jalebis, gulab jamuns or chocolate lava. A tea counter serving a variety of hot chai in those earthen pots will be a hit amongst your guests.

married in the rains

If you have never experienced a monsoon wedding, we would love to know your story. For now, all we have to say is have fun, stay safe and enjoy the rains!

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