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Have fun with your girlfriends before the Wedding day!

fun before the wedding day

The word ‘wedding’ in itself sends a bunch of girls into a fit of excitement, especially when that wedding is of one of their very own. But ask any girl, and she will tell you how she has been planning her wedding day ever since she was a few years old. From how her outfit will look to what flowers will be used in the decoration, everything has already been mapped out. So when the time really does come to putting these plans to action, imagine her state of mind? Well, delightful of course! Because when a girl plans her wedding she not only thinks of the intricate details but goes all the way in setting up the best ways in which she can have fun with her girls while at it.

 However, planning an elaborate wedding can sometimes take up so much of the bride’s time that by the end there is little energy left to spend time with her girls – her secret favourite part of the plan right after ‘finding the perfect man’.  Of course, with a wedding planner in the picture, all the complicated details falls in the hands of professional planner leaving plenty of free space for the bride to be with her girl-friends! And they are not only your best friends, who’ve stayed with you through thick and thin, but may also be your sister, your favourite aunt or even your mother. Here are some ways in which the bride can hang out with her favourite girls while still planning a fun-tastic wedding!

Take A Creative Class Together! This can be any craft or even a card making course. Not only can a bride get to spend quality time with her girls, she can also put this activity into practical use. By taking a card making course, the bride is opening up an opportunity of designing her own bachelorette or even wedding invites along with the help of her friends. And if she’s looking at opting for gifting out personalized handmade souvenirs, there is nothing better than a good craft class like pottery or authentic Indian crafts like Tanjor or Madhubai Glass Painting.

Guest-booking! What is more fun that deciding together who gets to come for your amazing wedding? This not only serves as an opportunity to spend time and bond with each other but also as a reminiscent means, as every second person going in that guest book might have had stories and memories you’ve all known and would love to  hark back to.

Shopping, Wrapping & Organizing!  Putting in order the trousseau is one of the best ways of bonding. Together the bride and her girls can go shopping to pick those wonderful goodies, and even wrap and design the trousseau with the creative skills all her girls have to offer. If flowers are involved, then together you can design your own bouquets deciding matching colours, streamers, and papers!

Music & Dance! Taking part in what songs to play and perform on the sangeet night, making playlists, or even watching the practices for the dance by her friends is a great way for a bride to de-stress and forget her pre-wedding jitter-bugs!

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