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Have Fun | The Wedding After Party

wedding in Thailand - afterparty

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and it is a day which you look forward to eagerly. However the day itself is such an adrenaline packed day with so many things to do and a kaleidoscope of emotions, that most often you don’t even realize the day has almost ended and its already time to end the party. This is especially a problem in Indian weddings where it is considered fashionable to be late because of which the celebrations begin late and are forced to wind up early due to sound restrictions and venue deadlines. Foreseeing this as a definite party downer, some couples have come up with a solution to this dilemma – The After Party! Why let the celebrations stop? Lets find ways and means of making the party go on into the wee hours of morning.

Sangeet in Mumbai

The hosts along with the guests can either hire a bus or van which will take them and their guests to a local night club after the reception to continue the party. Even though it’s an after party some planning will be required to avoid any disappointments. It is advisable to call the chosen spot at least a week before to ensure that it is not sold out to a private party. Reserving a specific area or the whole bar is preferable. If the reception is in a hotel, check for alternate indoor spaces as it is more convenient to simply shift the party indoors. This is ideal in destination weddings where the guests are staying in at the venue property itself so that they also have an option of changing into something more fun and casual. A pajama themed after party or a pool party can be an instant hit amongst the young revelers in your guest list.

Punjabi after party wedding

Although throwing an altogether separate party after your main function is an added expense to your wedding budget you can keep this expense as low as possible. The main purpose of an after party is nonstop partying so the main investments here would be a party space, sufficient alcohol and good music. If you are worried about overspending or on a tight budget, you can just put limit the bar to an hour or two or opt for a cash bar instead. Arrange for some light snacks like nuts, chips and dips or some starters for your guests to munch on through the party. You could also speak to the venue and arrange for the leftovers from your function to be packed and parceled for your after party.

In terms of decor, there is really not much required for an after Party. Although there are a few people who would like to go the whole way with a specific theme and matching décor and other personalizing details.

We know that know that no one wants a celebration to end, especially if it is something as big as your wedding celebrations!

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