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Grooming the Groom

Grooming an Indian groom

Who does not like to get pampered on their wedding day? While the brides go for spa sessions to unwind and rejuvenate before the wedding, why not the groom? Here are some tips and ideas for grooming the groom for the big day!

Facials are a perfect way to de-stress before the wedding. All the planning can surely drive you crazy hence this is a much required therapy. This also keeps your skin smooth and hydrated leaving you looking fresh on your wedding day.

Facial for groom in India

Manicures & Pedicures are not just for brides! It’s good to have nice buffered nails and really well kept feet. Remember the camera captures every little detail and moreover, why would you refuse a nice hand or foot massage, which is a part of the service.

pedicure for grooms in India

Get a good hair cut a week before the wedding. A week before is recommended as this will give time for your hair to get accustomed to the new haircut and also give you time to try out new styles. Also remember, a nice clean shave is a must have!

groom shaving on wedding day

You are the groom and it’s your day…so get pampered! Get a make-up artist and hair stylist to assist you while you get dressed for your wedding. We would love to hear how your grooms got pampered before their big day!

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