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Getting in Shape for the Wedding | Grooms

wedding workout

It’s no secret that most brides-to-be pretty much go all out in order to get in shape in time for their weddings. But if you are a groom whose beer belly is getting bigger that the love for your beautiful bride, a fitness plan is probably a good idea! Getting in shape before a wedding isn’t just about losing or gaining weight or building muscle; it’s going to help get you through possibly some of the most intense, important and busy months of your life.

Whether you plan to be one of those grooms who let their better halves take the reins with the wedding planning or someone who is committed to being very hands on, it will get busier and more stressful than you thought. And while vegging out in front of the TV seems to be the best way to de-stress (and sometimes it is!), getting off the sofa and getting active will be immensely more beneficial. A good workout will not only help you physically but afford you some precious ‘me-time’ and a sense of peace like nothing else. It can also be a way to spend some time with your bride if you guys prefer to do joint workouts and motivate each other.

If you are committed to getting in better shape before the wedding, start with at least a few months on hand. This will give you the time to assess what your health goals are and the best way to go about it. It could be joining a gym near the office or going for a brisk run in the mornings, tailor your routine to what you will actually manage to stick to. Aim to work out at least three days a week initially with enough rest time in between. You can increase your work-outs to four or five a week in the months closer to the big day or if the task at hand is a major overhaul.

A good mix of cardiovascular exercise and strength training will keep you super energized. Remember to alternate upper and lower body workouts targeting different muscle groups, in order to help keep muscle fatigue at bay. If you haven’t really had a fitness regime before, getting a personal trainer or a joining a health club with instructors is a great way to ensure you are on the right track and also to keep safe and not injure yourself. A bad back on your wedding day, so not a good idea! Also get some nutritional advice to keep your routine up and running.

Your lovely lady is going to be doing all she can to look her best on the big day so it’s time to step up to the plate! Keep in mind that if you have committed to a health plan and set some goals, you will have to order and tailor your wedding suit or sherwani etc. accordingly as you go along. Don’t forget, do your final fitting as close to the wedding date as possible!

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