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Get Inspired with a Wedding Inspiration Board

Indian wedding Insiration Board

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An inspiration board can be a collection of pictures, quotes, prints etc. that help you feel inspired and focused on your aim; a wedding inspiration board can be just that and also a vision for your big day and a way to remind you of the small and big beautiful things to come. Your wedding inspiration board and what it consists of depends entirely on you and should bring you joy. It is also a great starting point for the wedding planning ahead.

You could use a big photo board or something similar to get started or even do it on your computer like your very own digital photo collage. Many websites have templates and thousands of ready images to choose from as well. You can scan through wedding magazines, websites, blogs, travel websites, clothing stores etc. for beautiful pictures that strike your fancy and make your own collection. The pictures can be anything that’s inspires you toward the vision for your wedding like a beautiful international wedding, a gorgeous bridal outfit, a lovely sunset at the beach or shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You can also tack up things like swatches of fabric, a romantic poem and costume jewellery. Most brides have a romantic idea of what they want their wedding to be and look like and your inspiration board will be a reflection of that. You can arrange things thematically or colour wise and even have a separate inspiration board for the each of your wedding events. Those planning weddings without a inspiration board makes it very difficult to visualize and create unique wedding themes.

Use your board to translate the style, colour and wedding theme ideas from your head onto something concrete. So even if you can’t articulate exactly what you want or have a clear picture of what the décor and design should be, this will help your wedding planner in India or wedding decorator gauge where you are coming from and what your tastes are like. It might even surprise you if you thought you had a fixed idea of what you wanted and are instinctively drawn to something else instead. One of the best things about creating a wedding inspiration board is that it will always make you smile even during all the chaos leading to your wedding day!

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