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Furnishing your Brand New Love Nest

One would think that deciding to get married to “the one” is the biggest decision you will ever have to make. You might want to hold on to that thought. The commitment of a lifetime comes with its own to-do list. And if living independently with your spouse in your own home after marriage is something you have always desired, then the list of chores is going to extend a few more pages. Choosing your first home can itself take a while; and since it’s going to be where you will be creating several “first” memories you would want to furnish it to perfection.

The key to sail through all this without ageing a decade in a span of a few months is not to get stressed out. With a little bit of planning and some professorial assistance, you can head for your honeymoon with a beaming face instead of looking like a deflated soul returning from war. Here are some handy tips for furnishing your brand new love nest…

Set aside a budget: When furnishing your house, it is extremely important to finalize a budget, else things can get really out of hand. Knowing an end point can help facilitate the entire furnishing procedure. Imagine running out of money after just picking up the perfect closet for your trousseau; sounds scary, doesn’t it?

 List it out: Make a list of everything; yes every little thing you will need for your house. This includes myriad things ranging from a hand blender to hangers to of course all the furniture items. Start this procedure way in advance; remember everyday you will remember several things you may have forgotten to add. Let your obsessive, compulsive attitude come to good use here.

 Be practical: That Roberto Cavalli sofa will look absolutely yummy in your living room, when guests come over, but let’s face it; is it really in your budget? You, your spouse and your families have already stretched yourselves enough with the big wedding and the splurge on the new apartment. The last thing you’ll want is any uncalled for expenses. Talk to your decorator about your taste and style in home décor. Sometimes you may find amazing one-of-a-kind furniture items at antique furniture markets or thrift markets.

 Do your homework: Know what you want. Go through décor magazines, visit furniture shops and look around. If you are getting custom-made furniture, get involved in every step of the way to avoid cringing at the end product.

 Breathe: Last but definitely not the least – take it easy. The planning, running around and furnishing are all fun things you should enjoy. Don’t look at it at a chore; after all – home is where the heart is!

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