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More Fun Indian Wedding Games

Indian Wedding Games

(Image Courtesy : Pinilla Studios)

Indian Shaadi Games

We looked at some typical and traditional Indian wedding games earlier and now it’s time revisit some more fun ideas for wedding games that can elevate your wedding festivities from ho-hum to memorable. Wedding games go hand in hand with fun events that your guests and you will remember for years to come. Sometimes, however well planned a wedding is, there may be a lag in entertainment or even worse, awkward moments between families and friends who don’t know each other very well. It is wedding games to the rescue!

Games for Indian Wedding Functions

You can plan these game ideas for the bridal shower, mehendi function, cocktail party or simply modify for the event you have in mind:

The Couples’ Quiz – This game is for all the couples in the room. Have your compere announce quiz questions first for the women and then the men about their partners. Answers are hidden and then tallied. The couple that knows most about each other wins. This one is a great one for big Indian wedding gatherings; rope in all your aunts and uncles and watch the ice-break and laughter begin.

Find the Bride / Groom – This one can be really fun for both the bride and groom. Take a saree or another long piece of cloth and cut some holes through it. If the groom is playing first, make the bride and some other women stand behind the saree with just their hands poking out of the holes made. The groom has to go around holding all the hands and guess which one belongs to his bride. If he guesses correctly he gets a prize and applause and if he’s wrong he has to do something to woo and ‘win’ back his bride to be. Switch later for the bride to play or play with couples.

Memory Game – The memory game is a fun one for bridal showers and mehendi functions or where there is a large group of women especially. About 30-45 minutes into your party, the bride has to exit the room and guests are given pieces of paper and pens. They have to then list everything that they think the bride has worn like her clothes, jewellery and accessories, their colours and styles etc. Give the guests a few minutes to write down as much as they remember; those who can remember as many details as possible, win!

Untying the Knot – One of the more popular Indian wedding games, untying the knot is a fun way to test the wedded couple’s patience and see how well they work together. Sometimes the groom’s sister or someone else ties a long string around the couple’s hands and ties in into knots. The couple has to then work together using just one hand each to get the string untied. Sometimes a yellow thread and a piece of turmeric are tied.

Write to us about the unique games you plan to have at your wedding celebrations!

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    What fun ideas! Love the “Untying the Knot.” So cool to learn about wedding traditions from different cultures- great post!

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