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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas | Moulin Rouge


Bachelorette parties are about fun, indulgence and a bunch of girls letting their hair down and having a blast. One great theme that ties in to the spirit of such events is the ‘Moulin Rouge’. The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret that was built in Paris, France in 1889 and that soon became known for its contemporary form of the can-can dance and its beautiful courtesans / dancers and inspired a plethora of other such entertainment venues in Europe. Its doors are still open charming visitors from all over the world!

 As seen in the glamourous musical film of the same name, a Moulin Rouge theme would be one that is decadent, luxurious, full of music, lush colours and clothing and the joie de vivre of that piece of French history that had its very own brand of romance…perfect for a bachelorette party don’t you think?!

If you decide to have a bachelorette bash inspired by this colourful cabaret themed, you can incorporate all your favourite bits either from the fascinating history of this illustrious nightclub or the movie too. Let’s start with the invites; if you are having a Moulin party start the magic with the invitations, no boring cards for this fun night! Use glamorous images of the can-can dancers or even scenes from the movie to get everyone in the mood.


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Whether you are having the party at home or at an outside venue, this is the time to get really creative with the décor and go all out; the era was definitely not known for its subtlety! Think gorgeous dark and mysterious like wine, maroon, black hues brought about by velvet curtains, feathered boas, plush rugs and decorated lamps. Then add plenty of glitz and shine with glittering accents like tons of candles, glimmering strings of lights, bead curtains and the like. You can even artfully scatter faux gems and crystals, fake gem necklaces and feather accents randomly or as table centerpieces. You could also add a small cutout picture of the iconic Moulin Rouge windmill and fancy elephant statues. Other cute ideas would be to set up a karaoke station and have music that reflects the fun Moulin rouge vibe.

Don’t forget to specify a dress-code where the girls can come in their ritziest and seductive best and for a fun touch, have feather boas and fake jewelry for everyone to deck up in. As for the menu French food would be the ideal or then just have a variety of decadent treats to add to the flair. Last but definitely not the least, a bottle of bubbly and a special customized cocktail would add the delicious finishing touch!

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