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Flowers for Indian Bridal Hairstyles

South indian-bride's hair

Flowers are an integral part of Indian weddings and a bridal hairstyle would be incomplete without floral adornments. Flowers add a soft touch to the bridal look and enhance the beauty of the bride. In India, the hairstyles and type of flower adornments vary from region to region.

 The most common and popular flower in southern India is Jasmine. Usually a south Indian bride wears a whole lot of Jasmine strands where the flowers are strung together like a garland as it gives a fuller look.  These may be attached to the bun which is usually low towards the nape or they can be strung high up or at the middle depending on the hair style and what suits the bride. Sometimes a few floral strings also hang loose over both shoulders. South Indian brides most often plait their hair and the floral strings encircle the plait. The flowers used are mostly white or orange in colour.

south Indian bridal look

traditional south Indian braid-bride

Flowers are not necessarily a part of a north Indian bride’s look although some brides opt to wear them. Also the style is quite distinct as compared to the very traditional hair-do for most south Indian brides. North Indian brides may sometime opt for just one exotic flower to spice up her look for her big day.

Today, instead of going with just fresh flowers for the hair, brides are combining these with some lovely hair accessories. Also adding in exotic flowers such as orchids is a great idea. A few things you may need to keep in mind before choosing the flowers for your bridal hairstyle should be season, availability, colour and style of your outfit and most importantly, the look and feel of your wedding. This is very important as some nicer flowers may not be available throughout the year and sometimes a great flower may not look that great if the hairstyle or the outfit does not complement it.

indian bride flower hairstyle

Our suggestion to all brides-to-be, go with traditional flowers for your wedding ceremony and opt for something different for the pre-wedding functions and reception.

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