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Five Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding


A year ago, on 29th April 2011, the world was abuzz with excitement about the royal wedding and people from every corner watched as the gorgeous Kate Middleton exchanged vows with Prince William. We were so excited, we even had a lovely afternoon watching it – with high tea, hats et al!  We even blogged about it and you can read on of our blogs about what they finally ended up wearing for the royal wedding here! Today, the royal couple marks their first wedding anniversary away from the limelight, in a private ceremony with close friends and family.

 Known for her impeccable fashion sense and humble roots, Kate has successfully completed the metamorphosis from a commoner to the Duchess of Cambridge and has won the hearts of everyone in the process. Kate’s gorgeous wedding gown with lace detailing, stylish tiara, nude make up, simple hairstyle and minimalistic jewelry was a look which every bride wanted to replicate.

Kate Middleton & prince William Royal wedding

Every aspect of the wedding from the bridesmaids dress, the wedding cakes (yes, they had two!), the charitable gift registries and even the statement hats worn by royal guests provided inspiration to designers and brides alike, till date. The number of mementos made across the world to commemorate this special day, last April is nothing compared to the slew of first anniversary memorabilia flooding the market this year.

If the royal wedding is something that you followed wholeheartedly last April, here are some interesting facts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, one year post the royal wedding.

Kate Middleton was the oldest royal bride in history, when she married Prince William at the age of 29.

Kate’s wedding bouquet was placed on the grave of the unknown warrior at Westminster Abbey, following the royal family tradition, first started by Late Queen Elizabeth in 1923.

 memory of lady Diana at the royal wedding

In May 2011, the couple flew to a private isle in Seychelles, Indian Ocean for their honeymoon.

Predictions and speculations about the royal wedding spread like wild fire with people placing wagers on anything related to the event, the most popular item being the color of the Queen’s hat!

Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Wedding

One of the 600 guests who attended the royal wedding has anonymously put up a piece of the royal eight-tiered fruit cake for auction, to mark the first wedding anniversary of the royal couple. The slice comes wrapped in original greaseproof paper, presented in a white and gold tin, complete with compliments slips from Charles and Camilla.

 royal wedding cake Kate Middleton & prince william

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