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Finding Your Signature Wedding Perfume – II

Finding your perfect wedding perfume takes a little effort but it’s so worth it. Once you figure out which kinds of fragrances like florals, oriental perfumes etc. you are attracted to, you can shortlist and take it from there. Finding the right perfume can also change seasonally; not every fragrance smells the same or has the same effect throughout the year come rain or shine. Here are a few handy hints to select a perfume seasonally:

Summer perfumes: Summers in India are largely hot and very humid or dry, depending on which part of the country you reside in. Perfumes tend to fade away pretty easily in the summer or then turn not so lovely when the days are long and sweaty. Stick to perfumes that are light and lingering like delicate florals or cheerful fruity scents. Crisper citrus scents and cool aquatic perfumes work well too. You can also consider a lighter body mist instead of a perfume.

Winter perfumes:  The winter are when you can truly go bold. This is the time to try richer more sensual perfumes and ones with warm notes. Woody and musky perfumes work well. Since you probably won’t sweat as much in the winter time your perfume will stay strong and won’t change too much during the course of the day.

Rainy-day perfumes – India has a solid monsoon season and in just in case you are getting married in this damp weather finding a nice perfume that will stay put is tough. On cooler, cozy rainy days you could try something richer and yummier but if its really warm and humid it may be best to stick to your summer scents.

Perfume shopping tips:

Perfumes smell different on different people so don’t just blindly pick one up. Try them directly on your skin and let it sit for while so that you can tell how it will smell on you.

If you can, splurge for a perfume set with a shower gel, lotion, deodorant etc. in the same perfume. That way you will create a nice strong foundation for your scent and will ensure that they don’t clash.

Take your best friend or a close relative along when you are perfume shopping. Your perfume should never be totally lost on you or be very cloying (you want to enter as a beautiful bride not a cloud of perfume!). And more importantly your signature perfume should be totally ‘you’, especially on an event as important as your wedding. A honest opinion is a must!

Try and make a visit to stores where you can customise and create your very own perfume with a blend of your preferred essential oils and aromas. It can be uniquely you and you can create different blends for your different functions.

A beautiful perfume can make you feel like even more of a lovely bride so choose well. Think of it as another fun thing to buy before D-day. And lastly the best tip of all comes from Madame Coco Chanel herself  “Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed” ! Do follow Marry Me – Wedding Planners in India for more shopping and wedding planning checklists.

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