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Elizabeth Taylor | The Legendary Actress and Fashion Icon

These days the term “style icon” is carelessly used- even young starlets flashing their designer wear are bestowed with this title. However, only a few women till date have truly lived the glamorous life that Elizabeth Taylor so effortlessly managed to carry off. For as long as seven decades, her sense of style coupled with her sartorial elegance and beauty, took her exactly where she intended to go. However, the world lost this glamorous actress on March 23, 2011. Here’s a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and her fabulous style.

Violet-eyed Goddess

She was strikingly beautiful. With her violet eyes that stood out against her raven-like hair, Liz certainly was the epitome of sheer mesmerizing beauty, both on screen and off screen. No one can possibly forget the image of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra with her elaborate Egyptian headgear and dark kohl-lined eyes. In fact, she was undoubtedly the best Cleopatra of all times.


Elizabeth Taylor was always well put together as an on-screen icon as well as in her natural skin. Over the years, her style evolved as fashions changed. For instance in the 50s she looked petit and demure in her tiny-waist dresses. She rocked the kaftan in the early 70s.

But, she was more of a trendsetter than a blind follower of trends. In fact, her white strapless dress that she donned in “A place in the Sun” is still a benchmark for today’s prom dresses and evening gowns.

The Many Wedding Dresses of Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor was married eight times to seven different husbands. She was often quoted as saying, “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me,” when asked why she married so often.

Each of her wedding dresses was iconic in their own way. In fact, two of her 1950 wedding gowns were copied widely. Here’s a look at Elizabeth Taylor’s fabulous sense of style that reflected in each of her wedding gowns.

Elizabeth Taylor & Nicky

Her marriage to Nicky Hilton that lasted from May 1950 to January 1951 saw the beautifully young Taylor at 18 years in a gorgeous white satin dress, accentuated by seed pearls and beading. It had a sweetheart neckline that was covered with a chiffon overlay. This dress was a creation by MGM studio designer Helen Rose. She also wore a veil attached to a cap combined with a pearl tiara.

elizabeth taylor - micheal Wilding

Her next marriage to Michael Wilding lasted 6 years. Liz Taylor who was 20 years at the time wore a subdued, modest suit-style dress with a small lace cap. People still flocked to see the two after the ceremony. She was a true celebrity in the real sense.


For her third marriage to Michael Todd (1957-1958), Liz Taylor was seen wearing a wedding gown again. But, this time she donned a unique high-collared hooded gown for her ceremony in Acapulco.

Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Fisher

In 1959, she married Eddie Fisher in a Las Vegas wedding, where she wore a green chiffon gown with a wrap around her head. Liz had converted to Judaism, before the two married at Temple Beth Shalom in Las Vegas.

Burton And Elizabeth Taylor

Her fifth marriage to Richard Burton in 1964 took place after she met Burton on the sets of Cleopatra. Madly in love, the two got married and this love tryst lasted for ten years, Liz’s longest marriage from 1964 to 1974. She wore a short yellow chiffon dress and an intricate floral headdress that was enmeshed in her long thick plait


After her marriage to Richard Burton for ten whole years, they eventually split for a year. The duo then remarried in a non-traditional wedding ceremony in Botswana, the private wedding of which was conducted by an African minister and witnessed by the game lodge manager where the two were staying. Liz was reported as wearing a green flowing dress with lace frills and guinea fowl feathers. She wore flowers in her hair once again.

After Richard Burton and Liz Taylor got divorced in July 1976, she walked down the aisle for the seventh time, this time around with Republican politician John Warner. There are no photos of the wedding at all. So we absolutely no clue as to what Liz wore, but we are sure it was something truly rare and gorgeous.

larry & elizabeth taylor

Liz Taylor got married for the eighth time in 1991 at her good friend Michael Jackson’s ranch. This time around, she exchanged vows with Larry Fortensky. She wore a floor-length, off-the-shoulder wedding gown. In fact, a lot of us might remember the cover of People’s Weekly that had a photo of Liz with her husband and Michael Jackson.

Elizabeth Taylor was not only a talented actress with alluring features that can never be erased from anyone’s mind. She was also a humanitarian and helped raise millions of dollars for AIDS patients.

Liz Taylor will be remembered for so many things. Her capacity to love, her overwhelming compassion and her impeccable sense of style amongst many other things that continue to fascinate the world. Stay tuned for wedding news and Indian wedding planning tips from Marry Me.

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