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Doing good and feeling good | Eco–Friendly Honeymoons

Fiji Resort, Savusavu

Fiji Resort, Savusavu

Aah, the honeymoon…quite possibly the most awaited part of a wedding! As weddings get more and more elaborate each year, there is fortunately also a growing trend of green weddings too. Green or eco-friendly weddings are a great way to show your support to Mother Earth and now there’s a way to take your love for our planet one step further – eco-friendly honeymoons. Eco friendly honeymoons used to conjure up images of roughing it or sacrificing on comfort for the sake of doing good; but that’s definitely not the case anymore.

Six Senses-soneva-gili-maldives

Six Senses Maldives

Do you want to plan a honeymoon that is more than just a luxury holiday or one that takes a lesser toll on the overburdened planet? Eco tourism has picked up as an activity with leisure travelers all over the world, and honeymoons are no exception. This burgeoning market has led to a marked increase in fabulous resorts, hotels and tours tailor made to suit a more environment friendly lifestyle. Many luxury resorts, wildlife resorts, beach resorts and more are mushrooming around the world. From a getaway in the jungle to the pristine waters of a beach to a spa experience in plush environs, you will find them everywhere.

garden interior,jpg

Six Senses, Maldives

A lot of green honeymoon destinations have incorporated a variety of environment friendly practices like major recycling programs, using décor made with reclaimed materials, green energy usage, nature conservation programs and other beneficial and sustainable practices that enable its customers to enjoy a gorgeous getaway with a clearer conscience. For example: One great option for an international honeymoon is the Fiji Resort in Savusavu, known as one the most environment friendly options. They do great work like marine life conservation and organic gardening. Another popular chain is the Six Senses Resorts and Spas that have resorts in a number of destinations in places like the Maldives, Oman, and Vietnam etc, who are extremely committed to a sustainable development and environmental responsibility. India is also home to a number of fabulous options for an eco-friendly honeymoon in states like Kerala and Rajasthan.

Whether you plan to travel nationally or internationally and are a strong advocate of environmental conservation, there’s plenty to choose from. Make sure you do some research online to check which resorts or hotels believe in this noble endeavor as well, and what they contribute towards a greener, cleaner planet.  Yes, the honeymoon is about loving and enjoying each other and if you can plan a romantic getaway that allows you to love Mother Earth a little bit too, that can make your holiday so much more meaningful!

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