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Drive away in style on your wedding day!

wedding car decor

The décor for your wedding car decor should not be forgotten. This would be your mode of transport post the wedding to your destination and you would want to drive away in style!  Traditionally the best man along with the bridal party would sneak out of the wedding reception when it was halfway through to decorate the wedding car. But nowadays it is outsourced and the couple is actively involved by sharing their inputs on the décor.

The first step would be to book your car. To a certain extent your décor would depend on the type of car you select. It will change depending on whether it is an open or a closed car and if it’s a vintage or a luxury car. We would suggest booking a classic car and keeping the décor to bare minimum. A galore of flowers will totally ruin the look.

One of the most common and classic elements which has been used to decorate wedding cars since ages is, ribbon. It’s the most traditional car décor elements. Not only does it look classy but it’s also a very pocket friendly option. There are many ways on incorporating ribbon in your car décor. You can tie it across the bonnet or make lovely bows or even combine them with tulle and fresh flowers and use them in various ways. We would suggest having floral corsages on the handles. While selecting flowers for wedding car you need to keep the wedding theme and the colour of the car in mind. You can even use metallic streamers. You can tie them to the side-view mirrors or door handles or in the form of a bow. These will glisten in the sunlight.

For a more fun kind of feel you can use heart shaped balloons. You can have them in pastel shades or in red. Some can even be stuffed inside the car. “Just Married” license plates or stickers can be stuck on the rear window of the car. You could even use a marker and inscribe the “Just Married” on the window. Tying a few noise makers like tin cans or plastic soda bottles to the bumper will surely add to the décor. Back in time it people believed that tying leather shoes to the rear bumper of the wedding car would ward off evil spirits. This is no longer practiced.

One thing to remember if you have a rented car would be to discuss your decorating plans with the rental company in advance to ensure what kind of decoration is allowed.

Last but not the least; the most important thing would be to take a test drive. Ensure that none of the decorations obstruct the drivers view. Especially check on all mirrors. Finally, ensure that you remove the decoration on the next day; in case of a rented car we suggest on the same day as, some things if left longer may damage the car.

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    Drive away in style on your wedding day!…

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