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Destination Weddings Vs Local Weddings In India

outdoor wedding Indian mandap

This is an issue we come across very often and with the trend of destination weddings in full swing, a lot of couples find themselves caught up in this debate. Here are a few pointers that we hope can help you make a decision.

Unlike local venues, which have the same standard and monotonous choices in terms of banquet halls and grounds, a destination wedding gives you an opportunity to spice up things for you and your guests. It is like a mini vacation that you and your guests can enjoy and remember along with your wedding day.

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In terms of cost, a destination wedding, depending on where you have it, can actually be cheaper compared to a local wedding. This is mainly due to the fact that in destination weddings you tend to invite only few close friends and family members and hence your guest list is shorter. Many people from your families and friends circle would make it a point to attend your hometown wedding but all may not be able to attend a destination wedding, thereby reducing your guest list and your expenses.

With the increasing trend of destination weddings, many of hotels have started offering lucrative destination wedding packages, which also help you save some extra money. With proper negotiations you can land yourself a package which includes discounted room rates with complimentary meals, airport pick up and drop facilities, complimentary use of in-house venues and any other hospitality related services. Selecting a beautiful and exotic location will also considerably cut down on your décor cost.

When you begin compiling your guest list you will realize that the task of deciding whom to invite, is a minefield as you have to leave out certain relatives and friends who might take offence at your decision. In Indian weddings where the guest numbers can easily cross the thousand mark and your list of close family and friends can only trickle down to 400-500, you can hardly call it an intimate destination wedding!

baraat at Indian wedding

Dealing with vendors in local weddings can be a formidable task, leave alone dealing with foreign vendors in a foreign location sitting a thousand miles away. In most cases, the hotel packages include a list of vendors that you can choose to work with, which may or may not be as per your liking.  Also if you plan to have a traditional Indian wedding, arranging for a horse and band for the baraat, dancers, mehndi artists, Pundit and other Indian vendors may be a little difficult. If you don’t find suitable vendors, you may have to bear transport and accommodation costs for these vendors.

Indian bride applying mehendi

Many couples who choose to have destination weddings, very often throw a small reception or a cocktail party for those who couldn’t make it which is an added expense. In local weddings, you can entertain your family, friends, neighbors, office colleagues and also the friends of your siblings and family members at one time.

outdoor Indian wedding brunch

Proper research is very essential when it comes to making a decision between destination and local venues. One visit to the site is a must, to get to know the pros and cons of your venue, the quality of vendors available and back up options in case your vendor is unreliable. Compare the costs of an all inclusive hotel destination wedding package to the combined costs of venue rentals, décor, transport and other charges for a local wedding and then make your decision!

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