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Creative Themes for your Wedding Reception

Are you bored of the usual themes that you see these days at weddings? Most often, either one doesn’t really see the theme shining through or the wedding does not follow a theme at all. Well, we must let you know that wedding planning is thrilling the moment you discover your perfect wedding theme. It’s simple; just add a dash of imagination to the personality of you and your partner. And, voila! You will soon come up with a unique wedding theme. Your wedding planner is the best person to consult for your wedding theme. They will be the one’s executing it after all.

When deciding your wedding theme, it is important to focus on the combined personalities, hobbies and desires of the couple. Here are some original ideas for the perfect wedding theme!

Bitten by the Travel Bug

If both you and your partner happen to be avid travelers, then a travel-themed wedding would be wonderful. There’s a lot that can be done with this theme right from the wedding invitations to the wedding favors. You can also name the tables after places you both have visited, and perhaps place a vintage postcard from different destinations on each table! There are suitable favors such as personalized travel tags or mini suitcases filled with sugared almonds available on most wedding vendor web sites. You could even make a video of special moments shared on your travels together and air it at the wedding reception. The sky is really the limit with this theme. And, if the both of you have traveled a fair bit around the world, then this could be your perfect wedding theme!

Sports Freaks

Maybe you both met one day on the tennis courts. Or you both happen to play different sports. Perhaps, you both simply enjoy watching sports together! Well, then this could be a good theme for your wedding! From coasters to cufflinks, and décor to wedding favors, right up to the wedding cake, a sports-themed wedding would be a fun affair for your guests, besides having a special meaning to the both of you.

Seasonal Themes

Winter may be the season that most couples decide to get married. So, if this is too clichéd a theme for you, then a spring-themed wedding could be a beautiful idea. Think colorful flowers and fragrant blossoms! Spring colors include soft shades of pink, purple and yellow. But, if you’d like to go vibrant, bright red/yellow tulips and the deep purple of an iris is the way to go. The main idea is to keep your colors light and airy, thus reflecting the arrival of spring. The décor is pretty much complete with a good selection of flowers. Invitations, favors and food can also be played around with a lot if you do go ahead with a spring-themed wedding.

Fine Artists of the World

If you both happen to be into the art scene, then a fine art theme would be apt for your wedding. You can create quite a good set up around your favorite artists like Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci as well as the eye-catching works of M C Escher. It could even be a single favorite artist that you both share or you may also want to choose a different artist to be represented at each guest table. This theme is not only extremely classy and formal, but is also bound to be a good topic of discussion for your guests. Wedding favors could consist of mini easels, which could double as photo frames! Another great idea for a wedding favor is to get a calendar printed for the New Year featuring one artist per month.

Vintage Wedding

Everything vintage is back and how! Maybe you love the Victorian Era or perhaps the two of you share a passion for the good ol’ 60s! A Victorian age wedding would be incomplete without a royal horse-driven carriage, vintage wedding invitations and basically everything that exudes an old world charm. A swinging sixties wedding would be a more colorful affair. Or you could even go in for a 1920’s themed wedding complete with a vintage Rolls Royce, jazz music, pin stripes and pearls!

Once your partner and yourself have figured out a hobby, passion or desire that you jointly share, you can be sure that an aptly themed wedding reception is to follow. Contact your best wedding planner in India for more details on wedding themes!

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