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Creating Memories with Engagement Photography

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Engagement Photography

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engagment photography

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(Image Courtesy : Rob & Lauren)

The time between your engagement and wedding is a special one. You have decided to marry each other and spend the rest of your lives together and it is also marks the beginning of the sometimes taxing wedding planning process. Spending some fruitful yet super fun time with your fiancé is the perfect way to bond and de-stress and an engagement photography is the perfect way to capture those memories.

If you want to have a photo-shoot that is just about the two of you and your personalities and not the entire wedding party and guests, a pre wedding photography is the way to go. Although your budget and time constraints may not allow you to travel for a destination photo-shoot, a photography session around engagement time is a good time to get those gorgeous ‘couple’ shots together.  A professional engagement photography session allows you to get some great shots, without the pressure and formality of a shoot at the event itself. You tend to be more relaxed, casual and fresh, very often leading to some of the best candid and posed pictures from the entire wedding bunch! It’s also good practice for the hours of photography you will have at the wedding.

Once you meet with a professional wedding photographer explain exactly what kind of shoot you would like, the mood, the locations, the effects, angles you prefer etc. Once your photographer knows what you are like personality wise and you know how they work, it’s easier to just let go and be comfortable during the photography session. Pick locations that are not just picturesque but or offbeat or funky just for the way they look but also places or themes that mean something to you as a couple – maybe are you both die-hard Mumbai-ites? Consider options like a fun photo-shoot at your favourite city landmarks like the Gateway and Colaba or at your most visited street food area. Romantic, edgy, dreamy or modern…it’s up to you, your wedding planner and photographer to customize your engagement photo-shoot. You can even have a few paparazzi style pictures; after all you are the stars for the day!

Some couples also wear their wedding finery for  their engagement photography sessions; however, it’s best to go with the mood and theme for what you have planned and what you are going to be most comfortable in. If you are having a really long photo-session in a variety of settings, then you could consider having a few outfit changes too. You can also have a professional make-up artist and hair stylist to get you picture perfect for the shoot. These pictures aren’t just ideal for capturing those intimate and special moments but can also be used for your wedding website and other places like the wedding favours or stationery, where you may need some pretty photos. You literally create memories that will last you a lifetime and remind you of these cherished days…Say cheese!

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