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Collecting your Wedding Trousseau

wedding Trousseau ideas

The hugest, most precious things come in the most careful packages… for a bride, her wedding trousseau is just that. Wrapped amidst ribbons and flowers, the trousseau is one of the first belongings the new bride brings along with her into her new home.  So it is of utmost importance when she sits to decide what will make it into her set of possessions that goes with her.

But selecting the right items can come to be a challenge in itself. The bride is almost spoilt for choicewith the enormous amounts of brands, and varieties to choose from. As a first resort, she ends up asking those million questions that arise out of nowhere – What are the best eye shadow colours out there? Should I get all the colours available or just five will do? But wait! What is the best brand of eye shadow? And should I put in five more saris and probably three more skirts? And do I have all the right shoes to match all the outfits…?

And so, amidst the building pressure of organizing the perfect wedding, something extra is added to the already big bundle of responsibilities to complete. But packing your trousseau need not be an exasperating task. Collecting and wrapping your bridal trousseau can be a wonderful and fun-filled experience if done just right. And even though asking some of those questions above might be of high importance, you might just end-up finding yourself perplexed with too many answers or further more questions.

Well, you need not fret, because the simplest solution lies in the power of knowing exactly what you want. The first step is narrowing your favourites – those brands you have always loved having around, be it shoes, clothes or make up. Every girl, no matter what the trends are, will almost always be brand loyal to those products which give her a sense of happiness and comfort. These items are thus the lucky firsts to end up being wrapped all the way to her wedding trousseau.

Then comes those dream products. Those lavish pieces of possessions you wouldn’t be buying had you been out on your regular shopping spree. Getting married, for a girl, means getting all those goodies you have been lusting after, and that includes those expensive goodies. And this can be the opportunity for the bride-to-be to pamper and splurge over all that she has ever desired – that pair of Channel sunglasses she has had her eyes on, or all the wondrous hues of eye pencils at the Mac make-up showroom, those slender stilettos on her list from Jimmy Choo, or even that patent leather bag at Louis Vuitton, now is the time!

With being a great bride comes great responsibility; the responsibility to enjoy every little detail that is! And enjoying the time you spend collecting, organizing and wrapping your wedding trousseau can be a start. Why wait, get wrapping!

In our another post we have discussed the list of indian bridal trousseau.


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  1. Saras Maharaj
    Posted January 24, 2012 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

    I am planning for my nephew’s wedding in June. I want some ideas or advise in putting a trousseau together with a guy’s theme. I am meeting dead ends.
    Please help me suggest or direct me where I would be able to get some help in this situation.

  2. Marry Me
    Posted February 27, 2012 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps you can write into our sales team : and we will be able to suggest a few good options for you.

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