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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Planner

Weddings nowadays are not just about marrying the love of your life; they can be major productions with tons of events! Putting together that perfect wedding takes a great deal of effort and time, and that is definitely something we all run short of. Career, personal and academic commitments take up so much of our energy that it’s tough to pull together that beautiful dream wedding in the time and budget that we can afford.

 A wedding planner is one of the best investments you can make during your journey toward marital bliss; the cost of hiring one is definitely overshadowed by the many benefits.  A good planner will plan and execute a wedding tailor-made to your style, requirements and financial parameters. Asking your friends, relatives and acquaintances for references is a good way to start. Look at different companies online too. When you do decide to meet with a wedding planner, come prepared with a clear idea of what your basic needs and requirements from him/her are, as well as your tentative budget.

 Definitely take a look at the wedding planner’s portfolio and work history and ask a lot of questions. Find out what kind of events the planner has worked on before, which venues they have used and the scale of weddings they have worked on. Check which vendors they have worked with and do continue to work with on a regular basis, so you get a better picture of what you can expect.

 Certain wedding planning companies not only manage and plan your event for you but help take care of everything from the styling, décor and transportation to setting you up with a good choreographer for your sangeet dance sequences! You need to clarify the level of involvement a planner provides in your budget; be clear as to whether you need someone every step of the way or someone to just oversee certain aspects of D-day.

 Most importantly, do pick someone who hears you and whom you can communicate well with. Your wedding consultant needs to be someone whom you believe can help translate your vision into a reality. All you brides and grooms please choose a professional whom you can talk to and who you get along with…you do not want to be locking heads with someone who is in charge of planning your special day! At the end of the day hiring someone who you think is the right fit will save you loads of hassle and give you tons of support.

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