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Buying a New Home to Move Into

Though a fairly recent practice, now more and more newly married couples in India are choosing to buy their own new home to move into after marriage. In the West, a boy living with his folks beyond a certain age will definitely invite some unflattering jokes; whereas in India, the tradition of joint family is still pretty thick. But off late, the tide is turning and children (especially newlyweds) are choosing to flow the parental co-op to get their own condo. So how does one go around town shopping for a new home? For boys and girls in their 20s (average age of brides and grooms in India) this can be a rather daunting task.

 Well, it’s important to remember that as a young couple you will probably have to settle for a more practical place, which may not match up to your parents’ lavish dwelling. Generally when it comes to real estate, people start hunting for a property with a certain budget in mind, but more often than not they end up going overboard, considering that buying a home is a one-time investment. As a start-up couple, you should adhere to your budget and modify it a tad only if necessary. Get all the help you can from your parents for the down payment or part payment of the house. Also, sit on your own finances and plan efficiently to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

 A house buying decision, once taken cannot be undone; at least for a while. So take your time; it’s going to be your home for crying out loud! Talk to other couples and friends who have recently purchased their own property and find out how it has altered their lifestyle.

 Getting your own place may definitely seem lucrative to most newly-married couples trying to make it own their own. It gives them a chance to start their marital journey by taking up a big commitment towards their own future and also the future of their family. It also gives them a great feeling of independence and growth. Remember, there are millions of things to be considered before taking this giant leap. Buying a home with your partner is almost as big a decision as choosing your better half. Once you zero in, you gotta stick with it! 

 Commencing your journey with your beloved in your own house is an incomparable joy.

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