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Brides of India…

Photo Courtesy : Tanishq – Blushing bride – Sharon Nayak

A land which is vast and diverse in culture, yet incredibly rich in heritage, where languages and customs change every few kilometers, but are yet bound by common traditions….India. A place where celebration knows no bounds and every affair is rejoiced in the most extravagant manner…especially weddings!! They are one of the most celebrated affairs in India.

Indian Wedding traditions across most cultures overlap in some way but most are still unique to their region and differ in many ways. Similarly, Indian wedding outfits vary from state to state in terms of patterns, styles, textures, designs and jewelry depending on the local culture, craftsmanship, availability of raw material, traditions and climate.

Indian Wedding Brides

Like, in most states, Red is considered an auspicious colour as it brings good luck to the bride while some others consider Green as a lucky colour, because according to them green stands for fertility. The commonality between the bridal outfits would be that, all are extremely opulent in design and are tailored using the most exquisite fabrics but the material would differ from state to state. For example Bengalis bridal saris are made of Banaras silk while a bridal sari in Tamil Nadu is made from Kanjeevaram silk where as an Assamese bridal wear is crafted from Muga silk but as we know all are varieties of silk, but are region specific.

So let’s see which are the traditional wedding outfits for Brides of India across various states, and in which way are they similar or different and how did they inherit the influence form the region.

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