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Brides of India | Tamil Bride

Tamil Bride

(Image Courtesy : Tanishq)

The traditional wedding attire for Iyengar and Iyer brides from Tamil Nadu is a 9-yard Kanjeevaram silk saree draped in madisar style. The madisar style of draping the sari is a little different and more complicated than the regular style of draping a 6- yard saree. These sarees are usually in hues of green, maroon or red with a heavy gold zari border and buta work.

The other Tamil brides usually opt for the regular 6 yard saree but in contrasting colour combinations like green and red or yellow and maroon. Tamil brides are heavily bejeweled with lot of flowers and gold jewelry. They usually adorn stunning pieces of ancestral temple jewelry studded with precious stones. The bride also wears a special kind of neckwear that is comprised of small sized gold coin pendants.

Apart from the regular bridal jewelry, brides from Tamilnadu wear unique jewelry around their waist and hair. Oddiyanam –an attractive waist belt worn to keep pallu, pleats and folds intact. The bride also wears something known as Nethiwhich is the traditional wedding jewelry for the hair usually made of pearl and gold.

The bridal hair do varies from community to community within Tamils. Like for example Iyengar and Iyer brides wear buns on one side their head- known as kondu which are decorated with flowers and gold accessories while other brides from the region, plait their hair and deck them with fresh orange and white flowers. Flowers complete the look of a traditional Tamil bride! Stay tuned for more on tamil wedding checklist and Indian wedding traditions or customs from Marry Me.

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  1. Nagina
    Posted August 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    The Tamil wedding is also a part of the different Indian wedding rituals and customs and is celebrated beautifully by the Tamil people.There nothing as glorious as a Tamil bride and her wedding. The brides look healthy and happier during their wedding. The atmosphere for the bride is amazingly cheerful and full of life. There is no start or end to the brides’ joys.

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