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Brides of India | Punjabi Bride

Image Courtesy : AJ Studio

Punjabi Brides

The traditional Punjabi bridal wear is Shalwar and Kameez along with a heavily embroidered Dupatta which would cover the head. The outfit is usually of Patiala style. This was originally the attire of the royal families of Punjab. The Patiala Shalwar has many pleats that gather towards the waistline and drape below gracefully. The Kameez is a knee length fitted top. Usually the outfit is in hues of Red with a lot of embellishments intricately embroidered with unique motifs and sequence.

Image courtesy : Rob & Lauren

Punjabi Wedding Traditions

The punjabi bride traditionally wears gold jewelry and matching foot wear. The parting of her hair is decorated with a gold ornament called the Tikka. The bride wears bangles made of ivory known as Chooda. These are White and dark Red in colour and hold great significance to the bride. They are usually in multiples of four and according to the tradition the bride must wear it at least for a year after her marriage. But nowadays brides wear the Chooda only for a month after the wedding.

Friends and sisters-in-law tie Kalire, a hanging ornament made of gold or silver on these bangles. Kalire’s are encrusted with dried coconut and dried beetle nuts. It is said that after the wedding the bride rubs her hands against each other to drop the Kalire on the heads of unmarried girls, and who so ever gets the Kalire first is expected to get married within a short period.

There is a similar tradition practiced by Catholic brides. Towards the end of the wedding celebrations, when the bride is about to depart, she throws her bridal bouquet to a group of unmarried girls following her, and whichever girl catches it is expected to get married next.

Isn’t it interesting…both these cultures are so different yet, some of the traditional practices they follow have similar significance. Stay tuned for more Indian wedding customs and traditions from Marry Me’s Indian Wedding Blog.

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