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Brides of India | Maharashtrian Bride!!

Marathi bride from India

(Image Credit : Tanishq)

A traditional Maharashtrian bride is beautifully attired in a green Paithani nine yard saree on the wedding day. The green colour stands for fertility and is considered to be very auspicious for the bride. Paithani sarees are famous hand woven silk sarees from Maharashtra usually embroidered using pure gold threads. Distinctive motifs like peacocks, mangoes, lotus, and coconuts are found embroidered in the sari border and pallu.

Maharashtrian Bridal Jewellry

Maharashtrian bridal jewelry is simple yet elegant. Brides from Maharashtra wear something called as mundavalya – stings of pearls tied horizontally across the forehead in a cascade from the temples down to the shoulders, framing the face. Matching to the saree the bride wears green glass bangles along with gold bangles. The Maharashtrian bride also wears a nath– nose ring studded with pearl and bead and chandrakor (crescent moon) bindi.

Tanmani- is a typical Maharashtrian necklace. It has three or four strings of pearls with a central pendant, or seven or eight strings of pearls attached to a green bead in the centre. Also seven pearl earrings and silver toe rings are a must. Stay tuned for more from Brides of India from Marry Me’s wedding planning team!

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