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Brides of India | Kashmiri Bride

Kashmiri Pundit Bride


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Kashmir Pundit brides wear beautifully embroidered lehengas, usually red in colour with a lot of glitz. If not Red, it can be Pink or Yellow in colour.  They also wear a head gear known as Kalpush. It is an extensive cap folded three or four times and is lined either with silk or cotton from the inside. A white color cloth known as Zoojh is wrapped in three to four layers over Kalpush and a glace paper is stitched over the Zoojh. This entire head wear is known as Tarang. The lehenga has a lot of zari work done using golden threads and is blended with Kashmiri embroidery. The Dupatta is put over the head wear and enhances the look of the bride.

The bride adorns heavy gold jewelry around the neck, gold bangles on the hands and Paayal and toe ring in the feet.  A special and very unique ornament known as Dejharoo is worn by a Kashmiri bride. Dejharoo is a pair of gold pendants hanging on a gold chain through the holes in the ear lobes. This holds the similar significance in Kashmiri pundits as a mangalsutra does among Hindus. A waist band which is two meter long and a half a meter wide is also forms an integral part of the bridal wear.

Kashmiri Muslim Bride

Kashmiri Muslim brides wear beautifully embroidered traditional outfit known as Pheran, which is a long loose fitting robe and is well suited for the cold weather conditions. It is usually Red in colour. They wear a similar head gear to the Kashmiri Pundit brides but it is known differently.  They call it Kasaba. It varies from the Tarang as it is simply a cloth of any colour of your choice which is held tight by silver pins and trinklets. It is decorated with gold embroidery and embellishments of silver pendants hanging on the forehead.

These brides usually wear heavy bunches of silver jewelry which shines and can be noticed from a distance. The jewelry also, includes heavy Jhoomar style earrings which are supported by thick silver chain, necklace, bracelets and Paayal around the ankle.

This was just a peek into the Kashmiri culture. As you see there is so much diversity within the two kinds of Kashmiri bridal outfits but at the same time they are similar in some ways. Stay tuned for more on Indian weddings & Indian brides from Marry Me!

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