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Brides of India | Gujarati Bride!!

Image Courtesy : Anil Tohani

The traditional outfit of a Gujarati bride is a saree draped in the Gujarati style. There are two basic types of wedding sarees in Gujarat the Panetar, which is a white sari with red bandhini border and the Gharchola, the traditional bandhini sari red in colour, with crisscrossed woven gold squares, enclosing small ethnic bandhini motifs or auspicious symbols like a lotus or a peacock embroidered in gold in the center.

Image Courtesy : Anil Tohani

During the wedding ceremony the bride wears a Panetar which is considered to be the last garment she receives from her parents. During the ceremony her mother in law gifts her with a Gharchola which signifies that the bridegroom’s family is ready to take all her responsibility from that day on. Most Gharcholas have traditional patterns like “bavan bagh” that is Fifty-Two Gardens or “Ras Leela” which is the depiction of Lord Krishna dancing with his Gopis and are woven and dyed in Kutch, but the final red color is given in Jamnagar. According to an old belief the waters of Jamnagar are said to have auspicious properties which when used for dying a bridal Gharchola saree will produce the most brilliant shade of red that a bride can ever have for her wedding ceremony.

The Gujarati bride is decked with royal and expensive gold, kundan and diamond ornaments. Her hair is tied back neatly in a stylish bun or braid over which the dupatta is attached with a pin. A matha tikka is pinned through the parting of the hair with a chain. A bindi is put in the centre of the forehead below the matha tikka. Heavily jeweled necklaces along with equally heavy earrings are worn. A bajuband or armlet is tied around the forearm and a combination of gold and glass bangles are worn on the hands. A waist band is tied on the waist. The bride also wears anklets and toe rings around the feet. The most beautiful ornament which beautifies the brides look is the nose ring known as nath. This is put on the left nostril which has a long chain and the end of the chain is attached to the hair.

It is believed that the tie and dye technique was brought to Kutch from Sindh by Muslim Khatris and the locals have inherited this art and incorporated it in their lifestyle. Hence the bride wears a bandhini saree which is highly unique to the region. Stay tuned for more on Indian weddings from Marry Me’s Wedding Planning team on Brides Of India!

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