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Bridal Shopping Tips – Finding your perfect wedding outfit

Finding the perfect outfit for the wedding is at the top of most brides’ priority lists. Fun and exciting as it may be, it is also the cause of a lot of stress since it’s so much more important than finding the perfect pair of jeans. Many women dream about the kind of wedding outfit they want long before a wedding is even in the works and it may not translate well into reality! But don’t worry, finding bridal wear that’s perfect for you and the kind of wedding you have in mind is not that difficult because there are tons of options out there…all you need is a little patience and plenty of self-love. These are a few tips to keep in mind when you go bridal shopping:

  1. Go with a vision of want you want your wedding to be. The kind of wedding you are planning should be reflected in your outfit. Also make a list of all the functions you are planning to have not only to buy your respective outfits but to make sure you don’t repeat your styles and color palettes.
  2. Fix a budget range and try to stay within it! It is much easier if you don’t look outside that range at all so you don’t feel tempted to overspend.
  3. One of the best parts about shopping in India is that the variety is mind-boggling. You will find everything from gorgeous saris to beautiful wedding gowns and everything in between. The materials, embroidery and embellishment work come in a huge variety that caters to all sorts of tastes and budgets. Try and experiment with different looks. You may be wearing an outfit that is particular to the region you are from for the ceremony, so try different looks for the reception or mehendi.  You might have always envisioned wearing a lehenga choli, but look at other options too so you know exactly what is out there and what looks good on you.
  4. That brings us to the next tip – Ladies please be kind to yourself! Do not try clothes that don’t fit or you know is way out of your comfort zone. You may be on a weight loss or gain regimen but choose a bridal outfit that you know will suit your body type now not what will look good when you are 10kgs lighter or heavier! You may not be a supermodel but we all have features that we like…showcase your best assets and hide the flaws. A lovely neckline might flatter your killer-collar bones and frame your face, a short choli may be great to highlight a slim waist or an A-line lehenga could balance the proportions of your body; there IS definitely something for everyone! If you are wearing a gown, make sure it fits you like a dream, no tugging, stitched seams or bagginess. Go for what looks good on you not just what is trendy. Try different cuts and fits.
  5. Experiment with colors. You may have always wanted a red outfit, but might find that a deep maroon or vibrant turquoise suits your complexion better. Try different shades and colors to find the perfect match.
  6. Lastly always take someone whose opinion you trust along with you; it may be your mom, your best friend or even your wedding planner. If you want to wait before making a purchase take pictures so you don’t forget what the outfit looked like.
  7. Here is another post on weddings shopping list for Indian bride.

Happy Shopping!!

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