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Bridal Mehendi Designs | Choose your style

Mehendi designs and style vary depending on the region they originated from. There are various styles and each is unique in its own way. For your wedding you can choose any of the styles depending on what you prefer and what complements your personality and outfit. There are mainly four styles – Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthani and African.

Arabic mehendi is an old art form which originated in the Mughal provinces. The designs were mainly inspired by Arabic paintings and textiles. Also Arabic mehendi is applied a little thicker as compared to Indian Rajasthani mehendi, which is applied very fine.

arabic mehendi designs

(Image Courtesy

The designs are a combination of floral motifs and paisley and not very intricate. There are a lot of gaps in between designs so the hand is seen in between designs. When the color darkens, it looks very beautiful because the skin colour is seen between the brown colour of the design. The pattern is in the form of a band, which starts from the first finger or the middle finger and goes down diagonally across the palm. It is broader at the base and narrows as it comes towards the tip of the finger.

Pakistani designs are quite popular because of the beautiful motifs and outlines and their detailing. The designs are usually lacy with a lot of fill-ins. It is quite similar to the Arabic mehendi designs.

pakisthani mehendi designs

(Image Courtesy:

The motifs are big and beautiful with a lot of shading and filling and usually consist of a lot of floral patterns.  Some brides prefer Pakistani mehendi designs because they are less time consuming as compared to other mehendi designs.

The Rajasthani mehendi is quite detailed and especially suited for the bride. It is very fine and intricate with beautiful motifs and great detailing leaving no space, which makes it appear even more beautiful. The motifs include paisleys, flowers, leaves, elephant, dhol, shehnai, kalash, peacocks, lord ganesh etc. All these motifs are related to the wedding and are considered to be auspicious. Apart from these motifs the design also contains an image of a bride and groom.

African mehendi designs are usually bold and large with geometric patterns.  Archeologists say that black henna was actually used in Egypt during the times of the pharaohs.

african mehendi designs

Once the mehendi is removed, Africans apply a blackish paste of ashes, ammonia compounds and other corrosives to get the mehendi to turn dark and closer to black colour. This gives it a very different look.

Apart from the four styles mentioned above another emerging style is the glitter mehendi.

Glitter Mehendi

This is the latest add on and is a great hit for the sangeet and maybe even wedding ceremony. This involves sticking various embellishments like crystals matching to the outfit, glitter and many such add-ons, which give it a fancier look.

The most common among Indian brides is the Rajasthani style; but depending on your preference you can also opt for any of the other options mentioned above. Tell us your favourite, we would love to know!

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