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Bridal Make-up Tips

A wedding is the one most important time when women want to look their absolute best. Everyone wants to be that princess bride, revelling in the spotlight, all gorgeous and glowing. Well applied bridal make-up can be a woman’s best friend and can erase the months of stressful wedding planning with a shimmery stroke. Make-up can give you chiselled cheekbones, pouty lips and brighter eyes, so use it to your best advantage ladies!

Girls please start taking care of your skin well before your big day. Aim for healthy nourished skin; it is the perfect blank canvas for your wedding day masterpiece. Exercise, a good diet and getting enough sleep will help, as will skincare products suited to your skin type. Meet with a few make-up artists and explore your options; references from friends and family are worth looking into. Your wedding planner can also recommend professionals her clients have worked with before. Once you do decide on a make-up artist, make sure the quality and brand of make-up used by them is up to par, you don’t want a bad breakout right on your wedding day! Take trials and be clear about what you want.

Unfortunately, it’s common to see brides with a thick mask-like layer of pancake…not a good look, even for a supermodel. Brides please avoid caking it on and definitely match your skin-tone well. Going too light creates an ashy effect that looks horrible. A light foundation, some translucent powder, highlighter and a fresh rosy blush that suit your skin tone are the basics you really need. Blend the make-up well onto your face and neck and ears. A badly applied base can ruin your whole look and look very unnatural. Take plenty of photos at your make-up trial so you know how your make-up will look in your wedding pictures.

While it’s a good idea to coordinate your make-up with your outfits, there’s no need to be totally matchy. Go with similar colour schemes and ones that suit your skin tone, e.g. you may have deep purple in your outfit which can be translated as a lovely lilac into your eye-shadow. Colours like gold, bronze, maroon, pink and pastels are always popular but do choose colours that make you look better and suit the season. Incorporating jewel tones like emerald, ruby and turquoise is a good way to update your look. Try different options like smoky eyes and neutral lips or shimmery subtle eyes and bold lips; you never know what enhances your features best.

And remember while it’s a good to experiment, make sure you are comfortable with the end result, you want to look like a better you and not someone else!

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