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Bridal Jewelry of India | The Maangtikka

Indian bridal Jewelry

(Image Credit:Victoria Beckham on the cover of Vogue India)

celebrities wearing maang tika


celebrity wearing maangtika

(Image Credit:

There’s possibly no greater beauty than that of a glowing bride on her wedding day; and the gorgeous Indian wedding ornaments and jewelery do much to highlight that gorgeous face. One such ornament is the maangtika or maang tikka.

The name of this pretty piece of jewelery literally means maang/mang – the parting in your hair at the middle of your head and tika – the tilak or tika that you wear on the forehead. As its suggests the maagtika is worn in the middle of your head, with the end piece of it lying on your forehead.  The length and thickness varies by personal tastes as well as in different parts of the country. The end centerpiece can be flat, dome shaped like a jhumka or even an intricately shaped medallion.

Indian Brides often wear a maangtika made of gold, gold plating or silver, with semi precious and precious stones, diamonds, pearls, kundan work and the like. The design of the piece depends largely on prevalent designs in that region of the country and also the jewellery designer and it may also be made to match the bride’s main wedding jewellery set. Brides nowadays also opt for more contemporary designs with simple geometric shapes and clear stones replacing the more intricate designs.

The maangtika is often worn by Indian women at various events and not just at weddings… and for good reason. It is one of the most ideal ornaments to bring attention up to your face.

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