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Bridal Jewelry of India – The Mangalsutra

Indian bridal Jewelry - mangalsutra


Indian brides, across the different diverse cultures and communities, wear a number of beautiful ornaments that signify their new marital status. One of the most recognized symbols or pieces of jewellery, especially in predominantly Hindu cultures, is the Mangalsutra. It is one of the many fascinating bridal ornaments seen in this culture rich nation.

Hindu weddings comprise of many rituals and sacred ceremonies that mark the beginning of the coming together of two people and their spiritual advancement. The word mangalsutra comes from mangal = auspicious or holy and sutra = thread. Generally, the groom ties the mangal sutra around his bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony signifying their marital union. It is normally done amidst the holy deities and chants and prayers by the priest. In some communities thread is used during the ceremony and later replaced by the beaded mangalsutra.

Most married Hindu women in India wear this sacred symbol of wedlock and it is called different things within different communities in Northern and Southern parts of the country (for example: thaali or maangalyam). The mangalsutra also has different variations regarding the look of this precious necklace. You will find mangalsutras made of small black, gold or red beads and gold disk like pendants, also coral beads and even multi-hued cords with varying pendants. The commonly used black beads are said to ward off the evil eye.

Modern Indian brides have a plethora of designs to choose from and often opt for stunning diamond pendants or intricately designed gold and platinum pendants added to their beaded mangalsutras. Bridal jewelry of India has evolved drastically with very sophisticated designs of traditional wedding jewellery. Keep reading for more details on the various beautiful Indian bridal jewelry, at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners.

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  1. Aj
    Posted June 22, 2011 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

    Indian Bridal jewelry is really fascinating and the new designer jewelers are great. Thanks for sharing :-)

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