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Bridal Hairstyle Trends

Your bridal look is one that you will probably pay attention to more than any other event and the right hairdo can be quite literally your crowning glory! The latest bridal hair styles are all about effortless and timeless beauty; forget about the tight greasy curls and bad crimped hairstyles of the decades past.

The Easy Up-do


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An up-do is one the most popular and probably more convenient hairstyles to have. It keeps the hair up and away from the face and highlights your beautiful face and jewellery. The easy up-do is a more relaxed yet polished look that should look like you haven’t spent hours achieving it, even if you might have! Pull your hair into a ponytail either midway up your head or towards the nape of your neck and twist the pony into a bun with a few ends artfully poking out. Don’t forget to leave a few bangs loose in the front to frame your face. You can accessorize with a tiara, veil or ethnic Indian wedding jewellery depending on your outfit.

Glamourous Beachy Waves

bridal hair style

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Loose, beachy and slightly windswept wavy hair is one style most women look good in. For your wedding it’s not as relaxed or random as the popular bed-head look, but don’t go too structured either. A low maintenance hairstyle, you have to avoid too much hair product and keep your tresses touchable; the kind you just want to run your fingers through! You can try it home by twisting your hair (preferably not freshly shampooed) into big and loose waves with a curling iron and fingers or if your hair is naturally wavy, use a hairdryer and some styling mouse or texturizing serum / cream to shape it. Volume is important so use a volumnizing product if needed. You can even pin up one side and add a flower or a jewelled accessory or you could make a tiny braid on one top side and take it across your head and pin it up at the other. Play with it.

Retro Hairstyles


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It looks like the love of vintage and retro style is here to stay for a while, and it can be the perfect glamourous touch to your bridal style. When you think of retro hairdos, use the old world Hollywood glamour and the particularly pretty hairstyles from the 1940s and 1950s as a reference. The dramatic sweeping and waved styles, the buns with a side wavy sweep and pompadour and defined curls…talk to your stylist about which wedding hairstyle is best suited to your face. Retro dos are fortunately suited to short, medium length and longer hair.

Happy experimenting!

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